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Rise, Again!
Released March 2015.

Featuring 10 folk-rock songs including the singles "Rise, Again", "Freedom of Something" and "Bleecker St". Rise Again is 70% political and 80% biographical, with subjects covered such as the Scottish Independence referendum, freedom of speech, mental health and not being the greatest secret agent.

Doctors and Dates
Released March 2014.

A seven track punk rock masterpiece featuring the Renegade Folk Punk Band. This record contains studio recordings of live favourites "Luath St Stories" and "Queen of the Drama Queens". Recorded, quickly, in a freezing tattoo studio in Greenock.

In death Do We Part?
Released March 2013.

Featuring 12 brand new recordings of Renegade Folk Punk Band goodness, including the single As You Are (featuring Chris T-T) and live favourites such as The Replacement, Backwards We Play and Tacitus.

Based loosely around the concept of death, this is an album not so much about what happens when we die, but more about what happens to those we leave behind.

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