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I discovered a lot of the bands that I listen to via live concert bootlegs and free to download music (legally and otherwise). Therefore, I thought I'd continue this tradition with this page. All I ask is that if you like what you hear, please share it with your friends and let the music travel further than I can send it by myself.

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8th of October, 2013, The Saint, Asbury Park, New Jersey

Full field recording of my bucket list gig in Asbury Park, NJ. A really fun night was had and I think the recording shows this. The sound has a wee bit of clipping due to me setting the level wrong, but I think it works despite that. Had RFPB drummer woody guesting on I Want Something, he had flown over for a wee holiday.

Setlist: Old Tyme Memry (Erik petersen cover), The sinner and the saints, Mirrors, Luath St Stories, My Mother's House, Backwards We Play, I Want something (Evan Greer cover, with Woody)

Zip File (MP3, 192kps)

7th of August, 2013, Cerberus, Dundee

A full field recording of one of a gig that a) will go down as one of my favourites, and b) be henceforth known as the "cite your sources night". Quite a long and varied set fuelled by beer, friends and everything working just right. Right from the start, this is the type of gig I've been looking for since I started playing acoustic music.

Setlist: I Want Something (Evan Greer cover), The Sinner and the Saints, Luath St Stories, Mirrors [Y], The Replacement [Y], Crutch [Y], As You Are, Living on a Prayer (Poodles McGrew cover), Wild Rover

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6th of August, 2013, Pivo, Edinburgh

Only a partial recording of a solo concert I did in Edinburgh with Mark McCabe and Oxygen Thief. This was a really fun gig, with just the right audience for the type of gig it was. Quite a strange set made up of much more quieter material than normal, and also about 60% requests.

Setlist: Luath St Stories, My Mother's House, The Bells, Malaga Airport, The Ghost of Tom Joad (Springsteen), As You Are, Living on a Prayer (Poodles McGrew)

Zip File (MP3, 192kps)

24th of July 2013 - 13th Note, Glasgow

Full field recording of the HOTTEST gig ever, not in terms of hype or any of that bullshit, pure indoors temperature. Was a really fun gig despite the heat, and really shows how the band is sounding at the moment. Luath St Stories is a new song that'll be on a new Ep, hopefully coming out by the end of the year.

Setlist: Tacitus, Paradise, Luath St Stories, Mirrors, The sinners and the Saint, As You Are, Spirit Mahone

Zip File (MP3, 192kps)

6th of July 2013 - Nice'n'Sleazys, Glasgow

Partial soundboard recording from 06/07/2013 at Nice'n'Sleazys in Glasgow

Setlist: Luath St Stories (Partial), The sinner and the saints, Call off the coast-guards, As You Are, Spirit Mahone

Zip File (MP3, 192kps

17th February, 2013 - King Tuts, Glasgow

Partial field recording of the RFPB. This was the first time we'd ever played Tuts and we were all excited about the prospect. Supporting Jim Lockey and the solemn Sun. Line up for this gig was Me (Electric guitar>, Dan (bass), Woody (drum), Rach (Backing vocals) and Gareth McNicol (Acoustic guitars)

Setlist: Tacitus, The Sinner and the Saints, The Replacement, Mirros, Backwards We Play, Paradise [Y], Spirit Mahone [Y] As You Are [Y], No Surrender [Y](Springsteen)

Zip File (MP3, 192kps

4th December, 2012 - 13th Note, Glasgow

Partial field recording of the RFPB. This was a strange gig, we had booked the venue to run it for a friend who was on tour, but in the end he didn't want to play the 13th Note 'again', so we did our own show instead rather than being out of pocket. Line up for this gig was Me (Electric guitar>, Dan (bass), Woody (drum), Rach (Backing vocals) and Gareth McNicol (Acoustic guitars). Daniel Versus the World guests on As You Are. It was a rough performance from us (we hadn't rehearsed much as we didn't want to play shows until the album was out), but I think people who came along had fun. Too much talking from me!

Setlist: The Replacement, Dancing Two-Step, Tacitus, Call off the coastguards, She dreams of Toronto, Heterosexuality is a construct (ONSIND cover), Mother's House, Mirrors, As You Are [Y], Spirit Mahone, Oliver's Army (Elvis Costello cover).

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28th November, 2009 - The Vale, Glasgow

Soundboard recording of, perhaps the largest, Renegade Folk Punk Band. At this stage the line-up was me, Dan (bass), Woody (Drums), Rach & Jud (Backing vocals), Kenny Leckie (electric guitars) and David Burns on Mandolin. It was a hectic lne-up, and I think this recording shows that. Mick McMenemie (an old friend from Greenock) guests on Wagon Wheel. Was a busy pub gig but with just enough people paying attention to what we were doing.

Setlist: Never took the time, The Sinner and the Saints, Tacitus [Y], Gardez La France (ONSIND cover), Backwards We Play, Dancing Two-Step, Daddy Fought The Law, Wagon Wheel (OCMS cover)

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