What was the answer you were hustling to hear?

This has been a good week for RFPB HQ. On Monday, The Ruckus premièred the video for our first single As You Are (feat Chris T-T) from our upcoming album “In Death Do We Part?”.Since then around 250 people have watched it, and some folk even liked the song enough to share it with friends. Suffice to say, this is the best response I’ve ever had to any of my music and we are all eternally grateful for it all.

At the moment the song is only available as the video, but on Monday 13th of August it will be released internationally through iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all the usual suspects. Further more, if you buy it direct from us through our Corporate Records page or Bandcamp page, you’ll get the b-side of “The sinner and the saints”. This is a new recording and version that will also appear on the album, which is due out at the end of 2013.
We are really wanting as many people to hear this track as possible, this helps with the pushing and excitement building of the album, and so we are asking for a little help. If you like what we’ve done with the track, and we know it’s a bit different to our old stuff, please share a link to the video with friends on Facebook, twitter, Google Plus etc. 
If you have a blog or music website, I am happy for things to be written about it (I’ll even do interviews, hell, email the band and do interviews with them instead). If you, or you know people, who have a radio station (either through the airwaves or over the internet), get in touch and I’ll send you the press pack with mp3 so that you can play it on your show. Same goes for podcasts and mixtapes. Basically, if you can help us get it out there, please do.
Finally, I’m off on tour with Mark McCabe next week. I will be playing this song, I can’t wait:
Saturday 28th July – The Telegraph bar, Newcastle, Facebook Event

Sunday 29th July – The Bay Horse, Manchester, Facebook Event
Monday 30th July – Stereo, York, Facebook Event
Thursday 2nd August – Rebellion Festival, Blackpool, Facebook Event

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