What does it all mean?

I’m currently waiting on the arrival of Chris T-T for soup and bread before heading out to play a gig together in Dundee. The soup smells ace (spicy carrot fact fans). Gig will then kick off around 8pm, and is Free entry at Thomsons Bar.

Last night I finally recorded the third episode of “Something Old, Something New”. Mr Roscoe Vacant asked if I could do “The sinner and the saints” for it, and so I obliged. There’s also a wee snippet of an Evan Greer song, which will all make sense when you hear the EP. The new track is called Despite the Blackout. It’s about why I do this, or rather, why I hate answering that question since it removes the point in doing this. Yeah.

The band and I are playing our next Glasgow gig on Friday at the 13th Note. It’s with the superb Indelicates, and the equally magnificent Anna Madeleine. Both from down south, and all three of us don’t sound the same so there’s something for everyone. What I will say though is that tickets are selling fast, so head here to get yours.

And finally, tour dates are almost complete. Expect an announcement thing somewhere on the more famous parts of the internet soon. Currently sitting at around 2000 miles in a round trip. Ace.

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