What did I miss?

I’m back at work now after an amazing week of playing around the North of England with Mark McCabe. He really is a wonderful performer, and it felt really silly for him to be going on before me each night, have never really felt as woefully inadequate musically as then. Thanks to everyone who came along to the gigs, and to those who ran the shows, and all the periphery people who helped us out when we got stuck and gave us places to sleep. Proper good times all around. And, an apology to people who missed me at Rebellion due to my early stage time, I’ll do my best (if I get booked next year) to get a later time slot.

Ok, back to the grind and the As You Are single release on Monday 13th August. Everything is geared up and ready to go, and so I thought I’d fill in some of the details.

  • The cheapest option is to head to iTunes or Amazon on Monday and spend 70p or so to get the A-side itself. .
  • If you want the full EP (including two B-sides), head to our Bandcamp or Corporate Records mini-page and purchase  it for £2 (including a download code to get 30% off the album when it’s available)

Using the iTunes/Amazon option also means it is ‘chart eligble’, but that’s all a bit silly at this stage (although, Despite The Blackout did reach the top 40 of Amzon Folk Albums, so who knows). That would be pretty cool if we could even place somewhere on the Amazon or itunes charts, but that’s not really a goal.

Of course you can sit back and just enjoy the video (much like 400+ people have done!).

And finally, please, if you like this track, don’t be afraid (ashamed?) to let your friends know about it. Who knows, maybe they’ll like it too. #nickelback

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