We’re jaded, not shitty.

I’m continuing to try and work on this whole RFPB thing while I’m away, with more of an internet presence instead of a live-performance presence. Although, that might happen if I can find a decent priced acoustic guitar in a pawn shop over here.

Biggest thing to talk about at the moment is a wee feature on our As You Are video over at Jaded Punk. The author, and JadedPunkHulk, wrote an article for Vice magazine declaring that bands should stop making ‘Shitty Lyric Videos’. As a tongue in cheek response on twitter, I declared our As You Are video the “greatest video ever”. This got his attention and declared our video a “non-shitty lyric video”. As ‘career’ highlights go, this one is pretty big for me.

In other news, I also appeared on a podcast devoted to Linux and Open Source. I didn’t play any songs, just spun a ‘yarn’ with the presented. It’s a bit tech heavy, but there’s quite a bit about promoting your music online and the benefits of Creative Commons music licensing. Check it out here.

Right, enough of this whole “blogging from a coffee shop in Greenwich village” malarky. I’m away to start my day.



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