The updated RFPB sound, Friday night.

So, a wee bit of information about what the Renegade Folk Punk Band are doing on Friday. In short, we’re road-testing a lot of the new album and some older songs with new, rockier, arrangements. To bulk up the sound, we’ve got our good friend of the band (and record producer) Gareth adding acoustic guitar on some of the tracks. Gareth plays with Hearing Voices Movement and is no stranger to playing live music.

I’ll be mainly electric guitar in the RFPB for the moment. This is mainly because the album has a much more punk rock, loud, electric sound than my previous records. I’m sure at some point in the future I’ll switch back to acoustic for the band, but for the moment that’s where my heart is. There’s a couple of acoustic songs on the album, which I’ll do on acoustic live, but mostly it’s more Dropkick Murphys than Seeger Sessions. If that makes sense?

The other difference for Friday night will be our backing vocalist. Unfortunately Rachael can’t make it down to Greenock due to other commitments and so we’ve had to find a replacement. ‘Stepping up to the plate’ is my second favourite Lisa-Marie, Lisa-Marie Ferla. More commonly known on the internet as blogger Last Year’s Girl. Lisa has sung with me a couple of times, nearly always spontaneously and after Sunday’s rehearsal I’ve every confidence that she’ll pull it off nicely on Friday.

Friday night, the new RFPB sound, The Old Bank Bar, Greenock at 9pm, Free Entry.

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