The shit that they sell you.

I’ve got two more weeks left in New York City before I head back to Scotland after this amazing trip. I’ve seen many great bands play (The Wallflowers, Bouncing Souls, Jesse Malin , Mischief Brew!, to name some of my highlights). I’ve also played a few of my own shows which have all been very enjoyable. My last New York show is on Sunday (20th October) at Ding Dong Lounge in the Upper West Side (between 104 and 105 street on Columbus Avenue). Show starts at 2pm, and I’ll be on at 3pm. There’s a $5 cover charge and lots of punk rock bands playing too.

After I did my radio session in New Jersey, I also recorded an interview for the LikeWise podcast. It was a long 2 hour ramble through topics such as punk rock in Scotland, the bar scene in New York, and then on to sectaranism in Scottish football (after discussing Miley Cyrus on the radio, I was ready to tackle anything). You can listen to the heavily edited (no swear words) interview here.

While I’ve been in the states, I have had a massive boost to my song writing productivity. I’ve finished around 4 new songs, with 3 others in the works, which bodes well for the new EP we’ll be releasing in early 2014. At this rate, it might actually be a small album! Or would you prefer multiple EPs?

To give you a taster of the new EP (and new stuff in general, which may or may not make it on to the EP), I’m going to be doing some YouTube videos of the new songs. Just acoustic versions, but I’m sure that full band rehearsal footage will follow soon. The first one was uploaded last night, minutes after I’d finished writing the song. It’s called “The Bone-man smiles” and you can check it out below. It’s still very much a work-in-progress, but I’m pretty happy with how it has turned out.

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