The big Two Zero Zero?

Apologies for the radio silence here, I’ve been trying to sort out things in my life that aren’t musical. Not too much avail, but hopefully in the next couple of days something will happen.

Anyways, seems like there’s big changes happening around RFPB Towers. We played at the end of August in Nice’n'Sleazys for Roscoe Vacant’s album launch (cheers for putting us on), and it has kind of struck me that that gig would be the last of the ‘original’ line-up for a wee while. Jud has buggered off to college in Carlisle and Woody has taken on a job as drum tech for Uriah Heep. He’s currently on the bus to Manchester to go fly out and meet the band. Kenny’s obviously busy with the meteoric rise of Carnivores, which leaves Dan and I twiddling thumbs.

So, the next few gigs I’ve got listed are going to be solo efforts for me. It’s still up in the air what’s happening with the Wonder Stuff gig line-up wise, but I’ve a feeling things will come together in some fashion.

While looking at the gig listings, I noticed that I’m around 10 gigs away from hitting my 200th gig. I was thinking it would be pretty cool to get this landmark out of the way before the end of the year. So, what I’m asking is for some kind of ‘crowd-sourcing’ of gigs between now and end of December. They don’t need to be big or ‘proper’, just a place to play a wee set for some people. House shows, pub gigs, backgardens, car-parks, that kind of thing. Anywhere around the country is fine by me, so please email me and we’ll see what we can set up. Oh, charity gigs are also good.

I’ve a couple more gigs that are lined-up to be announced on the page, including an end of November spectacular that’s currently sitting in my head as a cross between KISS and Phil Ochs.

“Will we ever see the likes of you again” (Taken by Ross Morris)

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