Tattooed lines beneath our skin

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is my biggest gig in Dundee to date, at The Doghouse supporting The Travelling Band. Somewhat nervous about it, but also quiet excited at the prospect. First time I’ve played on a raised stage in the city since I played at The Cotton Club with my old band back in 2003. That was with Turtlehead, Bovine and possibly PMX (or another Dundee/perth band that were close to them).

Anyways, I have some tickets left for this gig going cheap if you want some.

In other news, I did a wee interview with The Music Ink about music and tattoos and stuff. You can read it here. And, over at the Make That A Take records’ bandcamp page there’s an awesome compilation of bands that are playing Book yer Ane Fest in December. Check it out, I for one really recommend the Algernon Doll track, but with the selection on offer (Franz Nicolay, Arteries, UNIFORMS, and others), your £1 is well spent (and given to the Safe-Tay Charity) so you can’t lose.

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