Stil alive and kicking

Things have been dead busy over here at Renegade Folk Punk Towers, so I thought I’d write a wee blog about what we’ve been up to. A couple of weeks ago Woody and I played a gig at The Bay in Glasgow (with Louise Distras, BMR and Kenni Campbel) and had a real good time. You can watch the set in full over on YouTube.

We’ve also been beavering away at our album, which at a rough estimate (and through the wonders of a spreadsheet) is around 76% finished. We’re waiting on a few guestlist parts coming back to us (which will blow your tiny minds), and then we’ll sit down and mix the thing. It is taking us a bit longer than I thought it would, so realistically I think we’re looking at an October release now. I want it to be perfect. That’s not to say it’s all under lock and key, some folk have been in my presence when drunk and heard a couple tracks (They said they ‘digged’, ‘enjoyed’, ‘loved’, ‘liked’ it, so I know we’re on the right track). And, I have also put up two very short sneak previews on soundcloud, which you can hear below.

Outside of music, Woody has set up an IndieGoGo page for a culinary avenue he wants to explore. Woody  is a fantastic Chef and has cooked the RFPB many a meal before gigs, so I wholeheartedly support this. Basically, he wants to raise money to buy a van and start selling food to people on the go. Not Burgers chips etc, but proper high class (but affordable) food. Go over to his IndieGoGo page and check out what he is offering, and please, for the love of Good Food, pledge some cash.

Finally, I want to take this moment to wish Síobhan and Matthew every happiness in their married life together. My wife and I travelled down to London for their Wedding on Saturday, and it was blissful. You’d be hard pushed to find two nicer people more suited to each other.

Next gig: Friday 13th July at Govanhill Baths, full details on the Gigs page

2 thoughts on “Stil alive and kicking

  1. Thanks for that! Awww. I am very touched, and truly surprised to see we made it to your blog :)

    And your new tunes sound really good from those tiny sneak peeks. I'm keen to hear more!

  2. Thanks very much Siobhan. My memory of Lexapalooza and that song always includes you, so being at your wedding meant a hell of a lot to me.