Start all over again

The gig in Tonic the other night was pretty good fun, a small audience was left by the time I got up to play. This was good because of the insanely loud backchatter in the pub during all the previous acts – normally I’d try and not play last at an acoustic night in a pub and just get it over with, but this time I reasoned that it would be a more direct audience by the end. This paid off I felt. I played most of the new EP and then a couple of older songs to finish the night, and generally had a good laugh.

The new EP is coming out on Monday through BandCamp, with a shifting price of £2 upwards. For your cash, you will get a digital copy of the EP and a 10 page liner notes and lyrics booklet. Not bad I think. Oh, and the front cover looks like this:

To further entice you in to getting a copy of this EP (some folk I really respect have said it’s the best thing I’ve done, which is strange as I thought they prefered stuff with the band), I’ve put the track called “The Replacement” up for download. If you like the track, please can you send it around to people as well, or put a link to the download on twitter/facebook etc? I’d be forever grateful :D

<a href="">The Replacement by Dave Hughes</a>

And finally, I will be playing a solo gig in Glasgow on the 8th of September at MacSorelys, and using this as a kind of ‘launch gig’ for the EP. I’ll have copies on CD for sale, more than likely for a fiver so I can pay for my bus down. I haven’t done a truly solo gig in Glasgow for absolutely ages, so I’ve got a bit of fear about it. Hopefully some familiar faces come along and we can have a wee drink, some chat, and a good old time.

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