Solemnly spluttering away

I’m heading out on a wee Three Date Mini-Tour of Scotland this weekend with Jim Lockey and the Solemn Sun, followed by a Tuesday gig (full Renegade Folk Punk Band) at our old haunt, the 13th Note. The dates are:
  • Friday 29th April - Bar Libertine, Ayr, also with Roscoe Vacant,  MapFacebook
  • Saturday 30th April - Tunnels, Aberdeen, 7pm,   MapTicketsFacebook
  • Sunday 1st May - PJ Molloys, Dunfermline, 1pm all dayer, MapFacebook
  • Tuesday 3rd May - 13th Note, Glasgow, with Mitchell Museum, Lady North and Esperi, MapFacebook
And of course, full detail’s of all my upcoming gigs with map, ticket, and Facebook links are on the gigs page.

Yesterday I recorded a quick second part to the Something Old, Something New series. The two songs this time is the MEGA SUPER INTERNATIONAL HIT “Daddy fought the law” and a brand new one called “She dreams of Toronto”. Hope you enjoy.

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