Not much to report at the moment. We started recording the new album last week, including a track for a secret compilation that ended up sounding great. Looking at the track-listing of which, I felt like an utter imposter being included on!

Some of the band and I will be spending Christmas Eve at Slanj in Greenock as part of a very special Reprobates Xmas Party Night. Due to the rail system shutting down early, it’ll be a very cut down band consisting of only those with ties to Inverclyde, but we’ll make sure it’s a hell of a lot of fun. A few surprises planned already. Free entry, will kick off at 9pm.

Also, as you will know from reading previous updates, the band and I are heading to London in February to play Lexpalooza. On the run up to this, I’m going to be going out on tour with the new album. A rough itinery looks like this:

Fri 4th – Dundee
Sat 5th – Edinburgh
Sunday 6th – Glasgow
Mon 7th – Ireland
Tues 8th – Ireland
Wed 9th – Ireland
Thurs 10th – North West England (or Wales)
Fri 11th – SouthWest England (or Wales)
Sat 12th – Lexpalooza

Just cities at the moment as venues are still to be confirmed. If you want to help with organising a show, please get in touch. I’ll be travelling with Adam Boucher and Adam Bennet, who are pretty good. I’ll be pestering some people I know in the next few days, so go on, pre-empt me.

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