Six hundred miles from home.

It was all going so well, the route was planned, gigs were booked, Facebook events were created. And then a gig got pulled. The Brighton gig to be exact, and so I’m on here putting a call out for anyone south of Birmingham who might be able to help us with a gig. We’re needing something for the 11th of February, it’s Friday night (so, just to clarify, not a Monday!)

Day’s off are expensive, especially when you’re 600 miles from home and on a completely grass-root tour with no major record label backing.¬†Hell, even with major-record label backing, day’s off can be expensive. I would assume.

We’re not looking for anything massive, could be a living room show with some of your mates round, or a gig down your local pub. Just anything that can give us a wee bit of petrol money (it’s last minute, so we’ll take what we can get) and a bed/floor for the night. Leave a comment here, or email me if you can help.

In other news, I’ve released a free to download single over at Bandcamp. It’s called The Replacement, and has a B-side called Midnight Walks. Have a wee listen, and perhaps download it to your portable music playing device.

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