Shut the door and cover me

Almost back in to the swing of being back home and at work. Played a nice wee show last night at Tonic in Dundee. Just a last minute set to help out Sarah who runs it, mainly covers with a couple of new songs from the album. Got a free dinner out of it, so can’t complain.

I’ve added a couple new sections to the website since we spoke last. I guess they are related to each other. Firstly, you can now stream the new album from the music page before deciding to buy it (hint hint hint hint etc). Then you can head over to the brand new ‘chords‘ page to learn how to play the songs. And finally, you can send me an MP3 of you covering one of my songs and I’ll add it to the, aptly named, covers page.

There’s already a few covers that I’ve found and uploaded, including Ross from Bandito Fleeto who gets the prize for being the first to cover a Despite the Blackout track. Cheques in the post.

Again, I have undying gratitude to everyone who’s picked up a copy of the album. It has been selling pretty well through the Corporate Records site which is a good thing. If you know how the music industry works, not much money is made through selling DIY independent music, however, CDs that do manage to be sold make a good impression to the label for the artist. The label is, being a capitlist institution, more inclined to nurture those who sell well, if you get what I’m trying to say.

Basically, everyone on an independent label has a coat on a shoogly peg, and if the CDs don’t sell, the coat falls on the floor.

My coat thanks you.

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