Revisionist History

I had a wee bit of a change of heart over the weekend. The masters came back for the Seven Songs project, and while an improvement over the source tape, weren’t what I was really looking for.

So, instead, I’ve been busy in the evenings recording a brand new EP of songs for the release on 25th of July through Corporate Records. It’ll have 5 songs on it, including one re-recording from the Seven Songs EP, and a whole bunch of guest vocal slots at the end.

I think it’ll be called Despite the Blackout, and I’ll post the tracklisting on Monday once I know for sure.

Trust me, this is much better!

3 thoughts on “Revisionist History

  1. Thanks Siobhan, Really hope you enjoy it when it's out. And hopefully you'll be able to make the London show, would be nice to see the two of you.