Popping the tour cherry – Guest post by Dan Irving

In the penultimate of this series of guest posts, here’s RFPB bass player Dan Irving speaking about how he plans to pop his tour cherry. Or something.

danAt the end of this week I head out on the road with the Renegade Folk Punk Band for a 10 day tour and I must say I am more than a little excited. Unlike some of the road-worn and bitter veterans I will be sharing a van with this will be my first proper tour. That is right I am a tour virgin. I really hope I don’t disappoint, that I don’t peak too early and that I last long enough.

Apart from popping my tour cherry there are a number of things I am looking forward to, not least having a van! Sad I know but that does excite me. It means there will be no ‘Car Tetris’, no expecting a Ford Focus to adopt TARDIS like qualities to accommodate both band members and gear. This time I will not be the skinny one relegated to the back middle seat on the way to a show and that alone is something to be grateful for.

I am also looking forward to time with the Boucher. I have had the pleasure of meeting Adam a number of times but his banter apparently reaches near mythical status in the context of tours. I am looking forward to travelling with the man…the legend (though I have been pre-warned he does not like to be touched)

Don’t feel left out though; I don’t have eyes only for him. I am also looking forward to time with my fellow RFPBers but the part of tour I am most excited about is meeting people across the UK who actually, voluntarily, listen to our music. The chance to play in new places and meet new people every night is going to be fantastic. Remember though it is my first time so please be gentle with me.

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