No time to talk, we leave in two weeks.

First things first. I found out via Reddit, that not everyone shares my love of Spotify. And so, to make things better for whoever shares that view, I have uploaded Despite the Blackout to bandcamp. It seems to be doing strangely well there, I’m guessing people were holding off on getting a copy?

Time has really flew by, and it is now two weeks before the second Despite the Blackout tour kicks off in York. So much to do and so little time. I’ve been trying to do some promo in the town’s were hitting, but so far have been hit with a great wall of silence which isn’t great. Fingers crossed that the promoters are having more luck getting the word out about the shows than I am. I’m always a bit anxious before leaving for a tour like this as there’s a lot of ‘putting yourself in other peoples hands’ for gigs that doesn’t happen at local shows. Most of the time it pays off though, which is nice.

The full dates are:

  • Monday 13th – Stereo in York
  • Tuesday 14th – The Garratt in Manchester
  • Wednesday 15th – Royal Park Cellars in Leeds
  • Thursday 16th – The Greyhound in Beeston (nr Nottingham)
  • Friday 17th – London (stil waiting on Venue name, but am assured its going ahead)
  • Saturday 18th  - Doghouse in Dundee (just me at this one)

If you are coming to the York show, please consider buying tickets in advance from here, helps make us look good to the promoter and puts his mind at rest too! I’ve also got some advance (cheap) tickets for the Dundee show for similar reasons.

Now, to think about a set-list (plural, different each night for multiple gig attendees).

One thought on “No time to talk, we leave in two weeks.

  1. I love the Royal Park Cellars – I used to love on Royal Park Road. Also excitingly I should be able to make your London date (and offer space to stay if needed)