No Surrender my Bobby Jean

You know when your friend says “Do you want the good news or the bad news first?” and you pick the bad news first so that the good news lessens the hit of the bad news? Well, that’s what I’m going to do here.

So, as of yesterday, Jud Harron is no longer with the Renegade Folk Punk Band. We wish her all the best with her studies and impending solo stardom. On a side note, Jud was the first person to offer to collaborate with me on my music and has been part of this since our first gig at Slanj in February of 2008. Since then she’s featured on many recordings (my favourite being Paradise from Connections) and came with me around the UK a couple times. I’m going to miss her as part of this.

Wednesbury, February 2010

For upcoming gigs and any recordings, we will have our sometime singer Rach coming to the front for duties. Rach isn’t a stranger to the band, having played many a festival (Rebellion 2009, Full Throttle 2010) and gig with us. In fact, for fact fans, the first gig under the Renegade Folk Punk Band was myself, Dan and Rach playing. That was at Bloc+ in Glasgow in early 2009.

Today I’m finally allowed to mention that I’m playing in Glasgow on the 2nd of December with Chris T-T and Franz Nicolay! Many, uber thanks to Lisa-Marie at Last Year’s Girl for putting this together. I’m utterly ‘stoked’. You all know how much I adore and worship Chris T-T, but to be on a bill with him AND Franz Nicolay of Against Me!, Hold Steady and Mischief Brew-colab fame is mind blowing!

Our upcoming gig calendar looks thus (full details for tickets on gigs page):

We’ll be debuting our new RFPB line-up in some fashion at The Wonder Stuff show. Except for an absent Woody who will be on tour with Uriah Heap. Although, you can be assured though that his place on the RFPB drum stool is secure.

The shape of renegade folk punk to come, 
Full Throttle Festival, July 2010

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