New gigs, new release links!

I had a lot of fun playing the gigs last week in Dundee, Edinburgh, Dunfermline and Glasgow. The solo gigs were back to basics and reminded me why I love just standing up there with a guitar and a song. Our full band gig at the O2 sounded amazing and I think we achieved everything we set out to do.

We have just announced a whole bunch of gigs for the end of June, July and August in Glasgow, Paisley, Gourock, Dundee and Edinburgh. Full details are over on our gigs page. We’ve had a bit of a kick up the arse and are really excited about playing as much as possible before I disappear over to the states in August.

Finally, the physical version of In Death Do We Part? is now out. You can get your copy here¬†along with many different bonus options and editions. Last monday also saw the album being released properly through iTunes (I don’t use iTunes, and never have, but if anyone can send me a link to our album, that would be helpful!), Amazon, Spotify and many many more.

On that note, if you have access to any of these digital stores, please consider rating and writing reviews of the albums. These help much more than sales to increase our visibility, which helps spread our music. Which, at the moment, I think is a supremely wonderful idea.

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