Music might not save your life, but it can make it better.

After having one of the shittiest weeks imaginable, Monday evening took me some way along the path of feeling better about myself. But first, a bit of back story. I first met Janine and Jessica in Edinburgh in 2014 when I was playing a show with Oxygen Thief and Mark McCabe. I had received a lovely email from them, telling me how much they loved my music and could they come along to the show, and perhaps meet me afterwards. I don’t get those kind of emails that often, so naturally I obliged.

The following year, i travelled through Germany to Aulendorf to play a show for them at Bar IrReal. Each time they have shown massive levels of support for what I do, re-instilling my faith in the connection that writing songs can produce.

Last week, I received another email from Janine and Jessica telling me that they would be in Scotland for a punk rock show that was happening over the weekend. They had noticed that I didn’t have any gigs organised that coincided with their trip, which was a shame as it would have been nice to catch up.

To try to go a little towards repaying even a small part of everything that they have given me, I conspired with my right hand man, Gareth, to put together a special show for them. We decided on a small house concert on Monday night, at Lynne and Gareth’s, with the girls, their friend Julia, and some of my closest friends. I gave the girls the change to choose the set-list (which meant a lot of strange choices of old songs that I haven’t played for years, but such is their level of enthusiasm and knowledge of my full back catalogue).


Photo by Lisa-Marie Ferla

We had Zoe Graham as an opening act and she was brilliant, a complete natural performer despite her youth. I then played an hour of songs (old, new and a Ryan Adams cover), broke the fourth wall, and genuinely had one of the best shows that I’ve ever done. Gareth recorded and filmed the whole thing, and once it is mixed properly we hope to share it with you.  A massive thanks to everyone that was involved in every way.

I don’t know anymore if music can save your life, but it can definitely make the journey a bit more bearable.

With the rock twins, Janine and Jessica, plus Julia (and Gareth)

With the rock twins, Janine and Jessica, plus Julia (and Gareth)

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