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Three things to get through today. Firstly, on Monday 25th July, I’ll be releasing my first ever album through a label. This is in the form of Seven Songs and through Corporate Records (set up by and home to The Indelicates).

Yes, I know some of you already have a copy of this CD, but trust me this is good. It was never really given a ‘proper’ release, or actually mastered (the original version was just taken from tape and put on CD with little thought). So, with this in mind, it will be available primarily through:

  • Download at the Corporate records website on a pay what you want basis, 
  • CD format at gigs and mail order (Digipak, with liner notes etc)
  • Latterly Spotify, iTunes etc (although, this isn’t much of a concern for me as I’ve never actually used iTunes).
  • Original versions on Ebay making scrupulous profits in years to come.

At the moment the CD is with the wonderful Ross Gilchrist for mastering. I can tell he’s got a large task ahead of him due to the lo-fi recording nature of the album.

Next, the tour dates for July and August have been announced. I can’t really tell you how excited I am about this. The FUCKING Wheelbarrow in Camden for a start, not to mention Full Throttle Festival and a return to Manchester.

  • Friday 22nd July, 2011 The Blind Poet Edinburgh
    • Info: Free, With Ciaran Lenehan, MapFacebook
  • Saturday 23rd July, 2011 Full Throttle Festival County Durham
    • Info: , With Ciaran Lenehan, lots of bands!,
  • Tuesday 26th July, 2011 The Garratt Manchester
    • Info: , With Ciaran Lenehan,
  • Wednesday 27th July, 2011 The Mothers Ruin Bristol
    • Info: , With Ciaran Lenehan, Facebook
  • Thursday 28th July, 2011 The Barge & Barrel Tipton
    • Info: Free, With Ciaran Lenehen, Neil Morris,
  • Friday 29th July, 2011 The Butler Reading
    • Info: £4, With Ciaran Lenehan, Facebook
  • Monday 1st August, 2011 The Hydrant Brighton
    • Info: , With Ciaran Lenehen, Adam Bennett, Facebook
  • Wednesday 3rd August, 2011 Castle Addis Great Barr
    • Info: , With Ciaran Lenehen, Carlos The Jackal,
  • Thursday 4th August, 2011 The Greyhound Beeston, Nottingham
    • Info: Free, With Ciaran Lenehan, Gerry Trimble and the Bastard Sons, MapFacebook
  • Friday 5th August, 2011 Wheelbarrow Camden
    • Info: Free, With Ciaran Lenehen,

Lastly, a couple members of the Renegade Folk Punk Band are doing charity related escapades.

  1. Jud Harron (her who brings the glamour/backing vocals) is raising money for Cancer Research UK and Race For Life. You can donate here.
  2. Woody (he who brings the beat/drums) has decided to walk with two pals from Greenock to Crail (right across Scotland). Sponsor and find out more about their insanity here.

Right, I’m away to listen to Jungleland on repeat.

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