Maggies Music Festival!

We’re playing a special show tomorrow (Friday 2nd July) in Dundee! It’s at Deacon Brodies and part of the Maggie’s Fest fundraiser for the Maggie Centre at Ninewells Hospital. The line-up for the band is slightly reduced since Kenny is unable to attend due to prior commitments laying down some noise on tape for his band Carnivores. So, I’ll be ditching the acoustic guitar in favour of my old blue electric and we will be on stage at 9pm. It’s also free entry (buckets to collect your spare change for charity).

In other news, I’ve came up with a wee mobile version of this site for people who attend gigs. You can access it by going to, or, and this is cool in my eyes, by scanning the 2D barcode next to this blog post with your phone’s barcode scanning app. I also plan on getting wee stickers made up with just the barcode on it in order to see how many folk end up at the site through curiosity. Let me know what you think of it.

Awesome, I’m in a good mood. It’s quite nice.

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