Live in Ibrox – Out 16th December, pre-order now

I’ve been looking for a way to mark 10 years of folk-punk music from myself and one of my ideas was to do a ‘Greatest Hits’ LP. The aim was to try to collect together a good sample of my songs and what it is that I do.

The initial process of that (finding all the old master recordings, demo’s etc) became pretty arduous and very quickly the idea was shelved (although we did find some cool out-takes which might come out later).

Instead, a new plan was hatched and a few months ago, I recorded a live album filled with most of the song choices that I had planned for the greatest hits, Finally, it is now ready for release. It features 11 of the hits, 2 brand new songs, and 1 cover of a Ryan Adams song. It was recorded live in front of a lovely small intimate audience in a flat in Ibrox, Glasgow, July 2016. Recorded and Mixed by Different Circle’s Gareth McNicol.

Pre-order it now and get a brand new song “Shot in the Dark”, and the song that got me to the top of the Amazon UK Folk Charts “Despite the Blackout” instantly. Pre-order link:


  1. O’Hireath (New Song)
  2. Luath St Stories
  3. She Dreams of Toronto
  4. It’s Ok to Like Your Job
  5. Shot in the Dark (New Song)
  6. La Cinega Just Smiled (Ryan Adams cover)
  7. Despite the Blackout
  8. Malaga Airport
  9. Midnight Walks
  10. Backwards We Play
  11. Bleecker St
  12. Emma
  13. The Sinner and the Saints
  14. Daddy Fought the Law

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