I say Spandau, you say…

Right, my head is almost back together after a wonderful weekend at 2000Trees festival. Rather than giving you my own recap, I’ll instead give you a link to my wife’s blog. It’s a nice photo-diary of the trip. Absolute major kudos to Gareth for stepping in as driver (and harmonica tech) for the show.

On to more pressing business. It would appear that the UK tour starts tomorrow in Edinburgh. All the gigs are listed on the gigs page (with facebook events, maps, tickets), so check that out if you fancy coming to see me and Ciaran Lenehan play some songs. From memory, we are hitting Edinburgh, Full Throttle Festival (nr Newcastle), Manchester, Bristol, Tipton, Brighton, Cardiff, Great Barr (nr. Birmingham), Nottingham and Camden.

And finally, the album is finished. I’m dead pleased with it and really can’t wait for you to hear it. You may have noticed that there are more menu items up there on that menu bar. Under the ‘lyrics’ section you can find all the lyrics that are on the new album, along with a couple tracks you can listen to. Once the album is out on the label website (on Monday!), I’ll place a player to the full thing there too.

Thus it’ll become the Despite the Blackout page.

Right, I’m away to pack. And obviously, the answer is that you say Ballet.

Late night busking at 2000Trees (taken by Lisa)

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