Headline Show, Headline Show, Headline Show

Ok, so I’ve been mentioning this over the last week and now I can give you full details. I’ll be doing a headline show at the 13th Note in Glasgow on Thursday 3rd of May, with support from Emma Hallows (Manchester) and Algernon Doll (Glasgow). You can buy tickets, priced at a fiver over through WeGotTickets. There’s also a Buddy Ticket thing that I’m trying in that you can buy an £8 ticket and that gets you and a friend in to the gig (meaning each of your tickets are cheaper). And if there’s still tickets left, they wil be £6 on the night.

Obligatory Facebook event to share with your pals: https://www.facebook.com/events/222585127840884/

So, reasons you should come to this gig. Well, I haven’t played in Glasgow since the start of December, and my last solo Glasgow gig (at MacSorelys) was even longer ago (and it was a bloody good night). There’s Emma Hallows (who I was on tour with at the start of February) and Algernon Doll (who is utterly brilliant) on the bill. It’s the 13th Note, which is still one of the best DIY venues in Glasgow and it’s a Thursday straight after pay-day. And finally, recently I’ve been writing quite a lot and I’ve got a whole bunch of new and fresh songs to play.

I’d really appreciate it if people could commit and buy tickets in advance for this as it helps me, the other acts and the venue know what to expect on the night. Plus, with Emma Hallows and Algernon Doll on the bill, I’m sure we’re going to make this very busy and I don’t want folk to miss out.

The reasons for this being a solo show are many, but most prominently is Woody disappearing off with Uriah Heap again. I never really thought that I’d ever have to fit my music in around a prog-rock bohemeth such as Uriah Heap, but those are the (dem?) breaks. Before he disappears though, the full RFPB and myself will be opening for Miles Hunt and Erica Knockalls (Wonder Stuff) at The Classic Grand in Glasgow on the 24th of March.

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