Pictures of my ‘hamster’ – Guest post by Rachael

The final part of this guest post series, with Rachael promising to show you pictures of her ‘hamster’.

rachI, unlike most, if not all the others, am a tour virgin. When Dave asked us to write a bit for the blog, my first thought about any worries I might have was ‘will my boyfriend feed my hamster? And himself? How will I survive in a van with five boys for a week?’

I suppose the answers are quite simple: my boyfriend is 33 and quite responsible so I reckon I’ll get home to a well fed house (possibly a slightly chubbier hamster if he gives her broccoli every time he has a biscuit) and I’ll survive because we all get along. Which is a lot of why this band works for me. Apart from anything, beer will get us through. (Although mine’s a vodka and diet if anyone’s feeling generous.)

I’m looking forward to meeting new people, a lot of my favourite people have crossed my path because they’ve been on tour, so it’ll be nice to be on the other end of things. I’ve never been to half the places we’re going to either, so if there’s something you feel we really should go see if we have time, all suggestions are welcome! Usually if they involve food. Or shops. With cool dresses. Not so much trains, but apparently that really excites the other guys.

I’ll probably be sat at the merch desk with some shiny things (I’m bringing my business on tour with me – Bunny’s Beads) so come say hello. If you’re lucky, I’ll show you a picture of my hamster.

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