Gourock! Dundee! Glasgow! Paisley! Stadium Tour Prep!

The next couple of weeks are the busiest that the RFPB have been outside of touring. We have four gigs, spaced nicely by two days between each. This is all in preparation for when we’re touring stadiums and have to move a whole stage rig between venues. Yeah, that’s the reason.

Actually, the reason is simpler: we’ve decided to play as much as possible before I go off, never to be heard from again, in the states. First up, I return to Beatclub @ Cafe continental in Gourock (this time with the band in tow) for an acoustic gig on Thursday 18th.

Then, we turn up the volume to 12, tune the telecaster, bump up the bass, drum up the drums (?!?), with three electric gigs in Dundee at 20 Rocks on Sunday 21st, Glasgow at 13th Note on the 24th and then Paisley at Bungalow on Friday 26th. Full details here.

We’re even rehearsing a very special new cover for the set. A proper anthem that I’ve been looking to play with the band for ages now. The kind of song you’ll be thinking “why haven’t they done this before? why is my fist pumping? GOD THIS IS AMAZING!”. Any guesses?

Bring it on.

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