Get In The Peugeot 207 (van surely – ed)

I’m dead excited about May. Why you may ask? Well, I’m spending three nights in the company of Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun, Oxygen Thief and Judith Harron. That’s why.
The dates (and links to buy tickets) are:

  • 12th May – The Blue Lamp Aberdeen (with Davey Shanks), tickets
  • 13th May – The 13th Note, Glasgow, Tickets
  • 14th May – Bar Libertine, Ayr
We all look forward to seeing some new faces at the gigs, and in a wee plea from me to those who have came to any of my recent shows and had a good time (or, you know, didn’t hate it). If you could please consider coming out to the closest gig to you and perhaps bring a friend who you think would enjoy it? That would really help alot, and we’d all very much appreciate it. 
This is all the more crucial because we’re playing in towns that are still uncharted territories for us and with the distance that Jim Lockey and Oxygen Thief are travelling, it would be nice to make it worthwhile. If you could even just help out by passing a link to this blog around your friends, twitters, facebooks etc, that would also be a massive help.

In other, less desperate sounding news, Jud and I played a fun gig on Saturday night at Bar Libertine in Ayr, I’d perhaps put it down as one of my top 10 gigs of all time. However, that list of ten gigs is changing all the time at the moment, so it’s a bit useless to say that.

Also head over to Peenko’s blog for a wee interview that I did a few weeks ago, and check out the old, old photo that was chosen. If anyone can tell me what make of guitar I’m using, that would be ace.

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