Explaning Something Old, Something New

I’m currently on a train towards a bed and breakfast in Inverkeithing, before getting a plane to Zurich, where a train will take me to Konstanz in Germany for the week. So, while this silver bullet of british railway pioneering crawls through every backwater town on the east coast of Scotland, I thought I’d write a wee blog post.

On Tuesday I released a wee EP entitled “Something Old, Something New”. It’s the first of a regular series of EPs where I’ll sit down and record two songs (one old, and one new), with a bit of explanation about where the songs came from. It’s all recorded in one sitting through the same tape deck I used for Seven Songs (which, if you have that EP, will give you an idea of the sound quality)

The first one contains the song Outnumbered (from the Sinners and Saints EP), and a brand new one called “How to craft a life”.

I’ve decided that these will be brought out every 2nd Friday. This means you have until this Friday to listen to the first one, before losing it forever! I’ve already chosen the two songs for the next one, and can tell you now that it’s going to be much better (I’ve more to say about the older song, and the newer ones a bit more ‘finished’ than How to craft a life).

So, if you haven’t already, here’s Something Old, Something New part one for your listening pleasure.

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