Emotional battlefield

While watching people’s homes and livelihoods being destroyed in London, I can’t help but hope that everyone I know (or met) down there is keeping safe.

The tour is over now and I’m back home in Dundee licking my wounds but also smiling at the good times we had. Cheers to Ciaran Lenehan for coming out on the road with me. Of course, much gratitude and thanks are sent out to everyone who put on a show for us. Manchester, Beeston and London in particular are high-points for me. Many thanks as well to everyone who showed face at various dates around the country. Travelling hundreds of miles by¬†buses, trains and cars is somewhat easier when you see familiar faces at the other end.

The album is still available to buy from the Corporate Records website (currently sitting at number two in their charts). People who have got their copy seem to be enjoying it and so I’d love it if more people could hear it.

Next gig: 25th of August, Roscoe Vacant Album launch at Nice’n'Sleazys in Glasgow. We’ll be a three-piece¬†electric punk rock band for it.

Right, I’m away to work out what I’ve learnt or got from all this.

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