Download the title track to Doctors and Dates now!

We’ve decided to stream the title track of our new record, “Doctors and Dates”, over on our facebook page. What’s more, if you like the track and want it forever and ever, you can download it for keeps. All we ask is for a wee ‘like’ on the Facebook page.

Wait, stop with the whining: you can still listen to it without succumbing to our OpenGraphExperience.┬áIf you’ve already ‘liked’ the page, then you’re free to download it already. Check it out and let us know what you think, the pre-order is still open on the bandcamp page (where you can get Luath St Stories when you pre-order).

In other news, the lovely Last Year’s Girl did nice preview of the record in which she called vocals on “The Boneman” genuinely creepy. Nice.


Scottish Fiction have released a charity compilation to raise money for the Pulse FM community radio studio. It features live tracks from all the sessions recorded in the last year or so, including my track “She Dreams of Toronto”. It’s in good company alongside the likes of Algernon Doll and RM Hubbert. Also Nice.

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