Doon the Barras, for real!

I played last night at Tonic in Dundee, it was pretty good fun. Your typical pub-does-acoustic-night affair. Went on stage around 10pm after watching Spain with the world cup (which was good) and played a mix of songs. For the first time in ages I tried Midnight Walks, it felt good, so perhaps I’ll start playing it more. I’ve also been booked to play at Tonic again on the 15th of August, I’ll maybe speak with my band about perhaps bringing them along.
I posted on twitter and Facebook last night that I am playing The Barras on Saturday. Well, I am not lying. As part of Oxjam’s fundraising activities for the Takeover in October (as yet, I don’t know if I’m playing as part of this) I’ll be spending some time playing some songs at The Barras market. The historic, and number one of my goals before I die to play, gig venue is The Barrowland Ballroom
Pedantics aside, if you want to come along and make this more of a gig, please feel free. I’ll keep people up to date through twitter and facebook as to where and when my spot will be, in my head I’d love it if it was a wee group of us all having fun in between bemused bargain hunters buying sports socks (two for a pound). Would make a good video.Does anyone have a camcorder?
Other than that, the next gig that I will be playing with the band is Wednesday 21st of July at 13th Note supporting the sublime Gecko from Bristol. Then we’re off to Full Throttle Festival in Durham where we’ll be on the main stage on Saturday 25th July at 5.30pm, I’ve heard this is almost sold out, so check the website if you are still wanting tickets.

3 thoughts on “Doon the Barras, for real!

  1. I've always wondered when in Dundee if Tonic works as a gig venue. If I had been there I would have gone to see you. And if you say it works as a performer, maybe I should give it a go.

    Am getting to more gigs now so hopefully will soon.

  2. It was an ok night, standard pub-does-acoustic-night fair. The host, Sarah Colosu is very very good though, and heading along for her is worth it alone! PA could do with being a bit bigger, or the levels upped perhaps.
    Hopefully I'll get some more folk along on the 15th to make it more enjoyable.
    Are you living in Dundee now?

  3. I'm just a regular visitor rather than a resident. So sadly will miss the 15th – but I will tell my friends there to head down.