Doctors and Dates Liner Notes

We’re gearing up to open the pre-order for the new album in a week or so. Until then, to perk your interest, I thought that I’d post some kind of liner-notes about the music on the album.
EDIT: The pre-order is now open.

Dave’s thoughts on Doctors and Dates

After the release of In Death Do We Part? and the subsequent tour, the band needed to re-group. Whether or not the band was over was a topic on all of our minds, and led to the cancellation of several gigs through March and April. While staying in a rented apartment in Kilburn, London, I wrote a wee riff on an acoustic guitar that didn’t sound like anything we had done before. That was expanded to become Luath St Stories and effectively restarted the band.

On returning to Glasgow, we booked several long days of rehearsal where we could write music as a band, with lyrics coming later (something that we’d never really done, most songs were brought by me for the band to play along to). These sessions produced the full band, finished Luath St Stories and an instrumental City of Us.

Shortly after the In Death Do We Part? Tour, I entered therapy to deal with many, many years of running away from issues that had haunted my personality. The title track, written while I was living in Brooklyn (NYC), Doctors and Dates deals with this ongoing process. The lyrics to City of Us, Queen of the Drama Queens, History, Sis, and The Boneman were all written at this time. City of Us sees the human mind as a city of a thousand voices on the verge of a revolution which could go either way, with rejuvenated older track Call off the Coastguards playing out as the aftermath before recovery.

The Boneman and Drama Queen originally started at the same song about the effect that Twitter and Facebook etc have on our inter-personal relationships. It didn’t really work as a singly song, so I cut them up and vastly changed the theme of The Boneman to take on the culture of electronic waste. History, Sis began life as a drum machine demo with a Bo-Diddly beat, written on my last nights in New York in a bar called Milano’s on East Houston St. The ‘east’ in the song is the East Coast of America, which is West from Glasgow, and also a wee bit about Dundee which is on the East of Scotland. On returning to Glasgow, the song was slowed right down and given a 1978 Springsteen sound. This was perhaps the most complete demo that I gave to the band to record. 

We recorded the album as live as possible in our new studio and rehearsal space in Greenock, right next door to our drummer Woody’s tattoo studio.We have a set-up in which the band is in one room, and everything is fed through to a multi-track recording desk. Over two days, we played through each song several times, recording everything and then chose the best take of each for a few overdubs (mainly second guitars and vocals). It’s the closest we’ve ever came to having the actual band on tape.

While listening to the record, you can almost play the game of “What band/song are the band ripping off here?”. We approached a lot of the songs with a view to pay homage to our favourite bands. There’s some Green Day, some Mischief Brew, some Wonder Stuff, some Gaslight Anthem, and of course some Springsteen in there. 

We hope you enjoy it. (pre-order here)

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