Do you hear the bells?

It’s Monday 23rd of August, and that means that Seven Songs is out now for your listening enjoyment. When I listen to it, I realise that it isn’t perfect (it was never recorded to be perfet), but as a set of songs, I think they are my strongest. Hell, when I play a gig these days, the setlist follows a similar sequence as the new CD, albeit with a couple older songs thrown in at the end.

<a href="">As You Are by Dave Hughes</a>

It is for sale with a sliding scale of £2 upwards (CD will be a fiver), and for that you get the Seven Songs plus a ten page liner booklet (comes as a pdf in the download package). The liner book has full lyrics and notes about the songs and many, many photographs. I’d say it looks quite nice.

And of course, feel free to pass this around if you think your friends may like it.

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