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I’m having a really relaxing weekend after quite a fun and eventful week. I’ve been hard rehearsing for the upcoming gigs, all are going to be different due to their different setups. The next one is 26th June at Manna Cafe in Newport, and this is going to be completely unplugged. I’ll only be playing a couple of songs as is the form of the night. The next day (Sunday 27th June) I’m at the Failford Inn in Mauchline, which is a wee town outside Kilmarnock. I’ll have Rachael with me to provide extra vocals, and we’ve got a very special cover lined up for it, can’t wait.

I’ve also been looking at merchandise ideas, and thanks to Gill from Yer Maw, I came across MySoti. I don’t know if anyone would actually buy this T-Shirt, but I thought it would be nice to give folk the option if they felt so inclined.

Renegade Star tee by DaveHughes. Available from
I think it looks pretty nice and at somepoint in the future I’ll get a batch made up for selling at gigs. If you can’t wait till that happens, or live miles and miles away from anywhere I’m playing, feel free to get it from here. I guarantee that you’ll be the first in your circle of friends!

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