Come sit down, we’re lamenting about yesterday’s sad endings

Well, that was a phenomenal weekend. Woody and I played a short acoustic set at the world famous Barrowlands venue to open the Clutha Celebration concert. There was a small crowd of early attendees there to see us, which was nice. I have put together this video about the day, since it’s going to be something that I’ll look back fondly on for a long time.

I have to send out a tonne of gratitude to the wonderful Gareth who, on a moments notice, jumped in a taxi to bring an acoustic guitar for me to use. My own guitar, the one I’ve played all around the country for over 250 gigs, decided to fail. Perfect timing. It is now being booked in to the guitar hospital to get it back up and running for the German solo tour in April.

We were sitting in the backstage room waiting to soundcheck when we were asked if it was ok for BBC Scotland to interview Woody and I about the gig. This was then broadcast to the whole of Scotland on the Saturday 6pm Reporting Scotland bulletin. Cue lot’s of notifications on our mobile phones from friends and relatives, it was all a bit crazy.

My, I do a hell of a lot of gurning.

As for today? Rehearsals start for the Doctors and Dates UK launch tour at the end of March at our brand new private rehearsal studio. Ace!

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