FAQ: “Rise, Again!” video filming on Friday 27th of February

I’m making many more videos for the tracks on the new album. There’s already one for Freedom of Something that is playing on my Youtube and Bandcamp pages, and I’ve got another in the process of being put together for Strummers Black Cars. However, here’s where you come in: On Friday 27th of February, in Glasgow, we’ll be filming a live’ish video for the title track “Rise, Again” at The Blue Chair (High St, Opposite from McChuills).

Rise, Again lyrics

The Blue Chair is a small independent cafe in the heart of Glasgow, and a strong supporter of independent music, performance, and political campaigning. It makes sense that we use it to make a video that is part bothy-singalong and part political rally. It’s a very small cafe, and we’re looking for it to be packed and so we would love it if you could join us.

We’ll provide some drinks for your trouble (although, feel free to BYOB), and the kitchen will be open should you want to grab some dinner. We’ll have a donations bucket to go towards corkage (and the cafe for providing the space for us to use), and it’s all ages, so if you have kids you can bring them along. I’ll keep the swearing to a minimal level (if at all).

Frequency Asked Questions (if this happened frequently)
1. What will this involve?
We’ll kick off at 7pm with music from John MacKay (americana, Lucero styled songs), and then we’ll start filming. This’ll involve a few takes of me miming along to the backing track while being filmed from different angles.

2. How much will I be on film?
Depends on if you sit down the front, or dance about at the back. The main focus will be ‘me’, obviously, with crowd shots so that it looks like a pure dead brilliant gig.

3. Why are you doing this?
Because I want to, and think it might be a fun way of getting the song out there.

4. I voted No, can I still come along?
Yes, absolutely, preaching to the converted gets us nowhere.

5. I voted Yes, how can I be absolutely sure that the politics of the song match my political ideals?
The lyrics are in that picture up there.

6. Is this just a way of getting people along to one of your gigs?
Well, obviously I’ll be playing some songs for the people in attendance after the filming. However, there are much easier ways to get people to gigs without asking them to be filmed! (The free drinks should help though…)

Pre-Order for the new album “Rise, Again”!

I’m happy to announce that my new album will be called “Rise, Again”. It will be coming out on 30th of March through Different Circle Records. The pre-order for the album is open now at the bandcamp page, and you can watch the video for the first single “Freedom of Something”. I’m doing lot’s of shows around the UK and EU to promote the record, check out the dates on the Live page.

If you like the track, please share it around with your friends. That would really help me out a lot :-)

If you hate it, may I recommend this handy link.

Looking back on 2014

As we near the dawn of 2015, I thought it would be nice to look back on 2014 and the activity of RFPB-land. It was an interesting, eye-opening, year that might not have reached the heights of 2013, but still has plenty to look back on in years to come.

January started with the recording of the Doctors and Dates album. We locked ourselves away in the Bones and Smithereen’s tattoo studio with not a single electric heater to fight off hypothermia. With frozen fingers, Wetherspoon dinners and red light syndrome conquered, we left with seven tracks recorded live in the studio.

vlcsnap-2014-01-13-10h53m42s50 vlcsnap-2014-01-13-10h52m55s85vlcsnap-2014-01-13-10h49m54s234

February saw the mixing and mastering of the album under-way and the return to playing live shows again. Starting off with an intimate show at McPhabbs with Gaz Brookfield, Joe McCorriston and The Lonely Tourist, and ending with a massive show at The Barrowlands. I was booked as the opening act of the Clutha Memorial concert, which was set up to raise money for the survivors of the Clutha disaster in Glasgow. I was booked as a solo act but decided to take Woody along for the ride on cajon. We even ended up on the six o’clock BBC news bulletin which classified us as ‘artists’.

We released the Doctors and Dates album in March and set out on a small UK tour to promote the record, hitting Glasgow, Dundee, York and London. Some of these shows were among my favourite RFPB shows, others just didn’t hit the mark and forced me to re-evaluate what the hell we were doing at times.  The press seemed to like the album though, with Louder than War stating “this record is a must for anyone who is keen on the early days of Green Day, the later days of the Clash”. That made my day.

In April, I set out on my first ever continental European run of shows which started in the Netherlands before heading to Germany. There were some hefty drives on the route, so I brought my right-hand man Gareth along to help. This was by far my favourite episode of 2014, and really helped to re-ignite my love of playing acoustic music to people. We had massive nights in Den Bosch, Dortmund, Essen and Karlsruhe, ending with a subtle but emotional night in Aulendorf.

The RFPB regrouped in May and June for bunch of our own shows around Scotland and then a few dates with the absolutely wonderful Chris Devotion and the Expectations.  I also found some time in August to do an English weekender of solo shows which, while still having a lot of fun, showed the stark contrast between playing in the UK and mainland Europe.

At the end of August we had the privilege of performing at, our producer, engineer and mixer, Gareth’s wedding to Lynne. I played a few songs at the ceremony (Dancing Two-Step and As You Are), and then we turned the volume up for a night of rock’n'roll covers to start the dancing. That was perhaps my favourite night of the whole of 2014, and I was beaming with pride to have been asked to be involved.

A work trip to America in September gave me the opportunity to play a lovely show in the Upper West Side in Manhattan at the West End Lounge. This means that in 2014, I played shows in five different countries, which isn’t bad (out of a total of 34 shows throughout the year).

Back home, the rest of September and October were concentrated on putting on a massive Five Year Birthday show for the RFPB (which was oozing with hubris and narcissism in equal measure). The show (and the weekend of gigs prefacing it) went as expected and those who showed up to play and watch seemed to have a great time. We raised a decent amount of cash for the Scottish Association for Mental Health and gave the RFPB the send off it deserved before it’s hiatus while I concentrate on a solo record for next year. I’m sure we’ll do one or two RFPB shows in 2015, but we are all very much in need of a little break to concentrate on the aspects of life that get in the way of a great rock’n'roll band.

At some point in the Autumn (my memory is failing me at the moment over which month) I recorded a full solo record of just me and guitar. I was ready to release it but then had second thoughts and decided to trim it down to a three track EP, keeping some (but not all) of the other tracks for a different project. The three track EP was released in November, with an acoustic version of Doctors and Dates as the A-side and two older songs as the B-side.

I finished the live gigs of 2014 with two amazing gigs that were run by the Make that a Take collective. The first was a late night show in Glasgow that served as an after-party for the Against Me! show that was taking place that night. I was a late addition to the gig due to a drop out, and I was going to the gig anyway so I figured there was no harm in offering my services. My last gig of 2014 (unless I happen to play sometime in the next 4 days) was at Book Yer Ane Fest in Dundee on the Acoustic Stage. This is always an amazing part of the punk rock calendar for Scotland, and I am always left feeling very honoured to be a part of it.

And so, there we are. Onwards to 2015. I am in the middle of recording a new solo album which, currently, doesn’t sound entirely like a Dave Hughes record. I’ll write more about that in January when I’m ready to release the first single from it (hint: it fucking rocks). I have also started to put together a few UK dates for March and European gigs for April.

I can’t wait to get back up on the horse with it all.

Top 5 albums/EPs/songs/gigs of 2014

The sixth of December seems like as good as any time to run down my top five albums/songs/gigs of 2014. I don’t think I’ve bought as much music in any previous year as I have this year, but this isn’t a measure that 2014 was best or music, more that I had more spare time and cash to be able to do so. Links are provided for DIY releases where the money goes direct to the artist/distro, for all other go to your normal digital stores (iTunes, Amazon etc).

Top 5 Albums of 2014

  1. Ryan Adams – Ryan Adams
  2. Mark McCabe – Good Day to Bury Bad News
  3. Gaslight Anthem – Get Hurt
  4. The Hold Steady – Teeth Dreams
  5. Bruce Springsteen – High Hopes

Notable mentions: Chris Devotion & the Expectations - Breakout, Algernon Doll – Omphalic, Green Day – Demolicious (come on! The trilogy as if recorded on Lookout!)

Top 5 EPs of 2014

  1. Kettle Rebellion – Kettle Rebellion
  2. Broken Stories – It’ll be Alright
  3. Mischief Brew - O, Pennsyltucky!
  4. Bruce Springsteen – American Beauty
  5. Lachance - Old Haunts

Top 5 songs of 2014

  1. My Wrecking Ball – Ryan Adams
  2. The Wall - Bruce Springsteen
  3. All about that (Double) Bass - Postmodern Jukebox
  4. When the Girl Comes to Town – Chris Devotion and the Expectations
  5. Break Your Heart - Gaslight Anthem

Notable mentions: Dark Places – Gaslight Anthem, Three Fucking Balloons – Ryan Adams, This house is yours (right name?) – Mark McCabe,

Top 5 gigs of 2014

  1. Aidan Moffat – Where you’re meant to be, Barrowlands, Glasgow
  2. Book Yer Ane Fest 2014 – Kage, Dundee
  3. Joyce Manor, Cheap Girls, Great Cynics, Nice’n'Sleazys, Glasgow
  4. Chris Devotion – Broadcast, Glasgow
  5. The Hold Steady, The Garage, Glasgow

Notable mentions: Algernon Doll @ Broadcast, MongolHorde+Oxygen Thief @ Tuts, Youth Man support slot @ Tuts.

Doctors and Dates (acoustic single) out now.

I’ve released a new single on bandcamp today. It’s an acoustic version (as it was written) of the title track to our Doctors and Dates album, alongside two “B-sides” of Daddy fought the law and Dancing Two-Step. All are brand new recordings taken from a session I did back in August. It is released for free, but with a Pay-what-you-want-if-you-want option should you wish.

I hope this will tide you over until the acoustic record comes out early next year, and also maybe acts as a wee bridge between full on RFPB music and the strange, almost-electronica, sounds that are coming next.

Enjoy, and if you like it, sing-a-long (then pass it along to a friend).


That Was The Week That Was (A tour diary of sorts)

The weekend began with a drive down to Greenock on Friday to collect Woody and the RFPB backline. After a few months away from  gigging, we were a bit out of practice in the game of Roadie Tetris. So, by the time we made it to Glasgow Dan had the challenge of getting his remaining gear (and himself) into the car for the ride to Dundee. A quick stop-off at the now, and growing, familiar Perth Broxden McDonalds, we made it to Cerberus Bar to load-in for the evening’s show. The Friday and Saturday shows were a bit different to the usual punk shows that we usually play in that for these ones we were the only act on the bill, in full pub band mode to play a mix of (mainly) our own songs and covers. Continue reading





Celebrating five years as a band, Different Circle Record’s signing DAVE HUGHES & THE RFPB are headlining a charity benefit concert in Glasgow at The Old Hairdressers on Sunday the 26th of October.

FIFTH-YEAR-SMALLThe concert will feature many stars of the Scottish music scene including Algernon Doll (Struggletown, Badge of Friendship), Chris Devotion (Armellodie Records), and Mark McCabe (Cat’s Aye! Records). The line-up is curated by Dave and the RFPB and brings together many acts that have shared bills and concerts with them over the years.

Dave says “We realised that we had been, for better or worse, together as the RFPB longer than most of our other past bands had survived and it would be a good occasion to have a party. And if we can raise some money for a great cause then all the better“. Profits from the day will go to the Scottish Association for Mental Health.

Tickets are on sale now through Brown paper tickets: http://five-year-rfpb.bpt.me

We’re also well aware that many of the acts who have agreed to play have gone on to greater artistic and critical success than ourselves, so there is a large amount of hubris and ill-advised ego attached to headlining the event“, he continues, “but what the hell, it’s our party and we’ll headline if we want to“.

Prior to the all day benefit, the RFPB hit the Scottish Highway to play shows in Dundee (Cerberus, 24th October) and Inverness (The Eagle Inn, 25th October).

Being #YesBecause of Reasons

Today is the last day of campaigning before the polls open tomorrow in Scotland’s Independence Referendum. This is the last day of the #YesBecause campaign, popularised by the art’s movement National Collective. I was going to write an article about my reasons and road to Yes, but soon realised it would be a long, long recap of a 15-16 year Odyssey. I’ve written in the past about why I’m voting Yes, and I stick by those.

Social divide in the West of Scotland

However, here’s another thing to set the picture. My life hasn’t been totally awful inside the UK, I grew up in a middle class household with a doctor as a father, and a journalist as a mother in the middle-to-upper class village of Langbank. Far from the poverty line, but far from the silver spoon. After school, I went on to University and worked towards a decent job inside the higher education sector. However, I have met far too many people in Scotland haven’t had the same experiences or chances as me. When I look back at attending Port Glasgow High School I can now see the disparity between my life and that of some of my friends.

Back then, I used to get angry or upset when I was called a ‘spoff’ or a ‘snob’, but looking back I guess I didn’t totally understand or actually believe the massive social inequality in the West of Scotland. Remember, this was at a time when we had left the dark ages of Thatcher and Major, and elected a landslide Labour government where things were ‘Only going to get better’. So, while a part of me is voting Yes for my own interests, it is mainly to help build a fairer and more equal society for those that need it more than I do.

To finish, here’s a video I recorded last night of an old song called ‘On Our Own’. When I wrote it, it was more about the dismantlement of the UK’s Left by the rise of New Labour but since then it has turned in to something more. I recorded it once for an album with a session band. The guitarist who played on the record remarked after recording “I liked that song about Scottish Independence”. I didn’t know which one she meant until she sang the chorus and it all made perfect sense.

Free whisky and wine?

We’re not in to bribing people, but as well as putting together an amazing bill of local and non-local bands, there will be free whisky and wine in October at our Fifth Year Celebration! First come first served to those coming through the door. We’re also working on a really sweet limited-edition T-shirt design for the gig. The tickets are on sale now, and you should hurry up and buy them!

Dave performing live in SheffieldI’m just back from a lovely weekend playing shows in York, Sheffield and Nottingham. This was my first English solo tour for quite a few years, and it felt good. York was a last minute show put together by the lovely Jonny Gill (appearing at the Five Year Gig!), in the wonderful Black Swan Inn. A lovely intimate show with an attentive crowd to kick things off. Then, it was off to Sheffield for a rowdy pub show in the Royal Standard. These two shows were different sides of the same coin, and hard to work out which one I preferred more. Finally it was off to Nottingham for the show that instigated the previous two nights. For an all day show, with many acts, booked back in February, it was very, very quiet, but I think I managed to make it enjoyable enough for myself and those who came to see me.

While I finish off the new acoustic record in the studio, it is back to RFPB live gigging mode, with a few shows coming up in the next month. First up is the small task of Gareth and Lynne’s Wedding, where we unleash our covers set on the world! Full details of all other (public) gigs are on the gigs page.

Five Year Plans

On the 24th of October 2009, the RFPB was booked to play a headline show at Glasgow’s Oxjam music festival. Unfortunately, our drummer at the time couldn’t make it, which meant we needed a replacement. Luckily, we found Woody, and he masterfully stepped up to the plate. The RFPB as we know it was born on that day.

Now, five years and hundreds of gigs later (all over the UK, including King Tuts and the Barras), we’re celebrating in style with a weekend of gigs (24th-26th October) culminating in an all day concert in Glasgow. Full details of the shows in Inverness, Dundee and Glasgow are on the gigs page.

We are putting together a mega line-up consisting of the RFPB, RFPB alumni, new friends, and some old touring friends who have helped us out over the years.

Currently announced acts for the All Dayer on Sunday 26th October at The Roxy 171 in Glasgow.

algernon dollAlgernon Doll
One of my favourite musical outputs from Glasgow in recent months, Algernon Doll has played a fair few shows with us in the past before going on to much greater things (BBC Big Weekend being an example). Current album Omphalic is out now on Struggletown Records


Chris DevotionChris Devotion
Straight out of Glasgow with a bunch of Elvis Costello records under his arm, Chris plays pop-rock music in the vein of 80′s alt-rock-pop. Genuinely great. Appearances at T In the Park and Go North under their belt, and a new record, Break Out, out now on Armellodie.



Daniel Versus the worldDaniel Versus The World
Piano pop-peace-punk from Durham via London. We’ve played tonnes of shows with Daniel and are ecstatic to be bringing him back to Glasgow. Start practicing your clapping now.



Joe McCorristonJoe McCorriston
Acoustic story telling from Morecambe in the vein of Frank Turner, Billy Bragg and Sam Russo. I first encountered Joe when he started coming along to my Manchester shows, since then we’ve played many shows together, and so it’s only right that we have him come up to Glasgow and play for you.


Highland Park Optimist ClubHighland Park Optimist Club
Gruff acoustic alt-country from the highlands, Paul was a massive help to us on our In Death Do We Part tour and it was only fitting that he opens the show for us.