Jesus christ i don’t think Full Throttle could have gone better. Throughout what we saw on the Friday and Saturday before we played we were starting to get anxious as to how well it would go. In the hour before we got up to play, people started appearing and telling me they’d caught me last year on the acoustic stage, and were looking forward to it. During our quick line test before playing, a group formed in the tent to listen. We did a verse and chorus of The Replacement, and then retreated to wait for our set time to start. People didn’t leave.

Finally we got up, played what might have been our best constructed set for a new audience. More people arrived during our opening sinners, and by the time we got to Daddy fought the law in 3rd place, we had smiles, sing a longs and some dancing. I think our audience peaked around 80 to 100 folk, which might not have been the highest of the weekend, but it was the best kind of audience. Attentive, appreciated and made us feel like a million pounds.

There are so many folk to thank for helping us get to Full Throttle, not least of all Glen from The Steady Boys for booking us (and being very patient with us). However, the biggest thanks from me goes to Tim who stepped up at the last minute to drive us down. Its a very special type of person who will chose to spend a weekend with a bunch of strangers when they are in need. Friends for life i’d say. Also, cheers to Roscoe Vacant who drove the other half of the band down and who did a jaw dropping set through the saturday, with Woody on drums. It was something special. And, of course, thanks to my band for coming along with me.

Indeed, memories are made of things like this.


I received an email yesterday to say that the Kilmarnock Council has decided to scrap the music portion of the Cultural Diversity ralley. No real explanation was given so we’re not entirely sure what happened.

This means my next gig is 26th of June at the Manna Cafe in Newport, just across the Tay from Dundee. It’s an all acoustic affair, and sounds like it will be like the old TransEurope Cafe shows I used to do. If you are free, come along!

I can also announce that the band and I have been booked to support Gecko at the 13th Note on the 21st of July. This is going to be a hell of a lot of fun, and also our only Glasgow show for a good wee while. Four quid entry, which you can’t complain about.

Not a bad start to my life as Dr. Dave :)