St Admiral of Fallow

I’ve got a wee last minute gig on Saturday in Aberdeen. It’s at MUSA, so if you fancy some lovely food and some Brewdog Beer, feel free to pop along. It’s free entry, and a much more acousticy folky gig from me.I was hoping to play another gig up that end of the country, but so far it seems like as promising as a last minute gig in  Hereford. If anyone’s got any contacts/leads let me know, it would help with the travel.

Then, two weeks later it’s the illustrious Beans on Toast tour. I’m dead excited for this and have been planning my set for ages. I need to start playing a couple of the new songs since we’re about to go in to a studio to do the new album and so it would be a good idea to know them inside out.
Beans on Toast tour dates:

  • Friday 1st April – Tunnels 2, Aberdeen, £4
  • Saturday 2nd April – Thomsons Bar, Dundee (just behind The HighSchool of Dundee, near Abertay Union), Free entry
  • Sunday 3rd April – 13th Note, Glasgow, £5

As I mentioned, we’re starting to record the album at the end of May, and so we’re trying to get as much interest drummed up as possible in the run up to release. If you like what we (as in me + Renegade Folk Punk Band) do, please consider ‘sharing’ us with your friends. It would mean the world to me, and help me feel like less of a Elephant in the Room ™. If we hit 200 ‘likes’ on Facebook, we’ll show you what the album (and by default the title) cover looks like. 

Six hundred miles from home.

It was all going so well, the route was planned, gigs were booked, Facebook events were created. And then a gig got pulled. The Brighton gig to be exact, and so I’m on here putting a call out for anyone south of Birmingham who might be able to help us with a gig. We’re needing something for the 11th of February, it’s Friday night (so, just to clarify, not a Monday!)

Day’s off are expensive, especially when you’re 600 miles from home and on a completely grass-root tour with no major record label backing. Hell, even with major-record label backing, day’s off can be expensive. I would assume.

We’re not looking for anything massive, could be a living room show with some of your mates round, or a gig down your local pub. Just anything that can give us a wee bit of petrol money (it’s last minute, so we’ll take what we can get) and a bed/floor for the night. Leave a comment here, or email me if you can help.

In other news, I’ve released a free to download single over at Bandcamp. It’s called The Replacement, and has a B-side called Midnight Walks. Have a wee listen, and perhaps download it to your portable music playing device.

Road Ode.

Last night I uploaded a demo of the track The Replacement. Doesn’t feature quite the full Renegade Folk Punk Band (only me, Dan and Woody), but it sounds much like what we sound like live when playing that song. You can listen to it at the facebook page. I quite like how it came out. Hopefully the album will be much the same.

As promised, here is where the tour is going to be taking us. Feel free to mark your attendance at the Facebook event page.

  • Friday 4th February – MUSA, Aberdeen, Free Entry, 8pm
  • Saturday 5th February – Bar Libertine, Ayr, £3, 8pm
  • Sunday 6th February -Dakota Rock Bar, Greenock, Free Entry
  • Tuesday 8th FEbruary – 13th Note, Glasgow, 8pm, £3
  • Wednesday 9th February – Yorkshire House, Lancaster
  • Thursday 10th February – The Swan Bar, Kiddiminster, Free Entry
  • Friday 11th February – Still looking for a Dann Saff gig (Brighton? Southampton?)
  • Saturday 12th February – Lexapalooza Lite @ The Old Queens Head, London

A few notes on what’s happening where. The Aberdeen show will be me solo, doing two sets of 45 Minutes, much like the last time at MUSA. Watered down with Brewdog Ale, which is always a winner with me! All other dates except London will be with Adam Boucher and Adam Bennett. And, then the 13th Note show and Lexapalooza Lite will be full band shows from me, but with a slightly longer set at Glasgow.

And, the week before I head out on this tour, I’ll be going up to mother-fucking-Thurso to open for Carnivores. That is Saturday 29th January at The Newmarket Bar. It’s the most Northern gig I’ve ever done.


Not much to report at the moment. We started recording the new album last week, including a track for a secret compilation that ended up sounding great. Looking at the track-listing of which, I felt like an utter imposter being included on!

Some of the band and I will be spending Christmas Eve at Slanj in Greenock as part of a very special Reprobates Xmas Party Night. Due to the rail system shutting down early, it’ll be a very cut down band consisting of only those with ties to Inverclyde, but we’ll make sure it’s a hell of a lot of fun. A few surprises planned already. Free entry, will kick off at 9pm.

Also, as you will know from reading previous updates, the band and I are heading to London in February to play Lexpalooza. On the run up to this, I’m going to be going out on tour with the new album. A rough itinery looks like this:

Fri 4th – Dundee
Sat 5th – Edinburgh
Sunday 6th – Glasgow
Mon 7th – Ireland
Tues 8th – Ireland
Wed 9th – Ireland
Thurs 10th – North West England (or Wales)
Fri 11th – SouthWest England (or Wales)
Sat 12th – Lexpalooza

Just cities at the moment as venues are still to be confirmed. If you want to help with organising a show, please get in touch. I’ll be travelling with Adam Boucher and Adam Bennet, who are pretty good. I’ll be pestering some people I know in the next few days, so go on, pre-empt me.

How to craft a life

I’ve just updated the gig calendar on here with three gigs that I’m excited to be playing. First up is the 18th of October in Glasgow at Gambetta with the legendary Evan Greer, the illustrious Roscoe Vacant and the heroic Al Baker. Kicks off at 8pm and is a fiver entry. Very small venue, so you are advised to get down very early and not bring much luggage.

Next up is in Dundee with Robert Sarazin Blake at Drouthy Neebors on Friday the 12th of November. I’m looking forward to seeing Robert again, it’s been a good number of years since we last met. Also on this bill is Jinx Lennon (from Ireland) and newPortsound (from Newport). Robert is a fantastic performer with great songs sung with passion.

And then, I’ve been invited down to Cardiff to play an Oxjam all day festival on Sunday 14th of November at Koko Gorillaz This will be off the hook as the wonderful Ben Marwood (who some of you may have seen at 2000 Trees or supporting Frank Turner in Derby and Kendel) and Oxygen Thief (he who brought the rock via acoustic guitar at the Jim Lockey shows earlier in the year).

If I’m not playing near you (these gigs do span most of the country!), please email and we can sort something out.

In another note, I’ve had a couple people, and a fair number of Google searches reaching this site, asking about if the band and I are playing at the Glasgow Oxjam festival this year. Truth is, I don’ t know yet. Since that busking thing at the Barras market, I’ve not heard anything either way but if I do, I’ll let folk know.

Finally the new EP is still available for you to listen to over at bandcamp. I’ve also made it possible to buy a copy on CD from that site. It’s a lovely package. In the last couple days I’ve finished a couple new songs that were in an embryonic phase when I recorded the EP, perhaps I’ll put them out later on. Or hold them back for the band CD. Two of the songs, “How to craft a life” and “White elephant versus the dragon” are sounding pretty good at the moment.

Do you hear the bells?

It’s Monday 23rd of August, and that means that Seven Songs is out now for your listening enjoyment. When I listen to it, I realise that it isn’t perfect (it was never recorded to be perfet), but as a set of songs, I think they are my strongest. Hell, when I play a gig these days, the setlist follows a similar sequence as the new CD, albeit with a couple older songs thrown in at the end.

<a href="">As You Are by Dave Hughes</a>

It is for sale with a sliding scale of £2 upwards (CD will be a fiver), and for that you get the Seven Songs plus a ten page liner booklet (comes as a pdf in the download package). The liner book has full lyrics and notes about the songs and many, many photographs. I’d say it looks quite nice.

And of course, feel free to pass this around if you think your friends may like it.

Lo-fi tonic.

It’s all very quiet here at the moment, waiting on a few confirmations of things coming through for the end of the year. The band and I were going to be going in to a studio in September to record a new CD, but due to work, I’ll be spending most of that month in Germany. I’m not sure when we’ll get the record out, perhaps February?

Until then, I’m putting together a wee EP of the lo-fi demo’s I have done for the album. Again, I don’t know when I’ll be putting this out, but it’ll be before the end of September I’m sure. I’ll also try and do a solo launch gig for it in Glasgow around the time. It’s sounding very nice, but not in a quality, pristine type way. I’ll say more about it next time.

On the gig front, the only confirmed gig I have at the moment is Sunday 15th August at Tonic on the Perth Road in Dundee. It’s a free entry gig that kicks off at 9pm. If you are in Dundee, please come along.

Cut up to ribbons and taught how to drive

I’m still trying to work out how it went yesterday. I’m pretty sure I had a bit of fun, and that I enjoyed chatting with friends who came along. And the bus ride was alright too. I just think that I’m not cut up to being a busker, and the Barras market is perhaps not the place to learn this. Ah well, Oxjam raised a bit of money which is what it was all about.

Trying to form some kind of action plan for the next few months. I’ve had a couple emails through from some fantastic acts who are coming to Scotland to tour. The only date I have confirmed at the moment is the 19th of October with Evan Greer. Yup, he who wrote I Want Something. This has been a hell of a long time coming, so if you do anything while reading this blog, please put it in your diary. I haven’t got a venue booked just yet, but hopefully by the end of the week. I’m not sure what form the gig will take, but I do know that it will be utterly amazing even if only Evan Greer plays.

As for the present, the band and I are playing with Gecko on Wednesday at the 13th Note. I think this will be a vastly reduced renegade folk punk band show, and even be another one of the ‘me-on-electric-guitar’ themed ones.

From looking at the diary, it’s the last Glasgow show till the Evan Greer one (if we even play that one), so if you want to hear our songs, come along and give it a good send-off. We’ll be main support and on around 10pm and it’s £4 on the door. Then it’s Full Throttle Festival on Saturday, we’re on the main stage at 5.30pm.

Doon the Barras, for real!

I played last night at Tonic in Dundee, it was pretty good fun. Your typical pub-does-acoustic-night affair. Went on stage around 10pm after watching Spain with the world cup (which was good) and played a mix of songs. For the first time in ages I tried Midnight Walks, it felt good, so perhaps I’ll start playing it more. I’ve also been booked to play at Tonic again on the 15th of August, I’ll maybe speak with my band about perhaps bringing them along.
I posted on twitter and Facebook last night that I am playing The Barras on Saturday. Well, I am not lying. As part of Oxjam’s fundraising activities for the Takeover in October (as yet, I don’t know if I’m playing as part of this) I’ll be spending some time playing some songs at The Barras market. The historic, and number one of my goals before I die to play, gig venue is The Barrowland Ballroom
Pedantics aside, if you want to come along and make this more of a gig, please feel free. I’ll keep people up to date through twitter and facebook as to where and when my spot will be, in my head I’d love it if it was a wee group of us all having fun in between bemused bargain hunters buying sports socks (two for a pound). Would make a good video.Does anyone have a camcorder?
Other than that, the next gig that I will be playing with the band is Wednesday 21st of July at 13th Note supporting the sublime Gecko from Bristol. Then we’re off to Full Throttle Festival in Durham where we’ll be on the main stage on Saturday 25th July at 5.30pm, I’ve heard this is almost sold out, so check the website if you are still wanting tickets.

Storm the Charts

I posted a wee link a few days ago through facebook and twitter to the Storm The Chart’s voting pages. Basically, the idea of this campaign is to follow on the footsteps of getting Rage Against The Machine to number one, by trying to fill the Top 40 with as many unsigned and independently released music as possible. The actual goal is to get 40 in to the top 40.

I found out about this idea when I received a random message on twitter from an Irish stranger saying I should submit. So, I thought nothing ventured nothing gained and decided to add the full band version of The Sinner and The Saints to the campaign. I’ll record a couple B-sides this weekend for the actual single release to make it worth your while as well.

However, in order to get the chance of the single release being part of the campaign (it will get released regardless) and thus have maximum publicity, the song needs to be voted for. There are currently around 500 bands in the campaign, which need to be whittled down to the 40 that are to be backed.

I would love you to bits (and I’m sure my band would dish out favours) if you were to go to the voting page and give us a wee vote. Also, any ‘viral’ help you can give us (pre-favours) would be excellent, such as reposting this blog on your blog, posting a link to it through twitter/facebook/myspace/bebo/friendsreunited/friendster/livewhatsitsname etc.

Voting for this round closes at midnight tonight: Go vote here!