Larry and His Flask – Audio, Glasgow 15th August

Flyer for the Larry and His Flask show

Flyer for the Larry and His Flask show

I’ve been holding this under my hat for about a month now, bursting to tell people, and now since I have the flyers in my hand I’m able to! I’ll be supporting Larry and His Flask at Audio in Glasgow on the 15th of August.

It will be a solo show for me because Woody is off on his hollibags, but Dan might help out with Double Bass duties or something. Either way, it’s going to be very special. Three days later, I jump on a plane and head out to Manhattan for 3 months. I have a feeling I’ll be very hungover the following day.

Before that though, this Saturday, we’re supporting the wonderful band The Ukrainians at Nice’n'Sleazys. This is a full electric show from the three of us, and, yes, I’ll be playing my shiny new guitar that Dan and Woody handcrafted for me!

Details of all gigs are on the gigs page.

In Death Do We Part? CD Pre-orders and Options

We are happy to announce that we are now taking pre-orders for the expanded CD DigiPak version of “In Death Do We Part?” featuring four freshly recorded bonus tracks: My Mother’s House, Walk You Home, Midnight Walks and The Wild Rover.

A pre-order allows you to guarantee getting a copy (we’re only doing a short run), and also helps us get over the last financing hurdle (since we’re existing outside the normal music industry ‘scene’). Putting out a physical CD is expensive, which was the main reason we did Digital-Only first.

It’s not just a normal pre-order for a wee CD though, we’ve created whole bunch of special options for you. Things start simple with just the CD (and a digital copy), and escalate through bundles with T-shirts, patches, gig tickets, and end with a FULL BAND RFPB EXPERIENCE IN YOUR BACKGARDEN.

Everything is laid out nicely on our In Death Do We Part? webpage, and needless to say, we will be grateful for every pre-order we get. We’re already tits over arse in love with everyone who has pre-ordered already!

The CD will be sent out (along with bundles) on the 3rd of June.

A Thousand Words

Took my foot off the gas a bit over the last week due to the death of my grandfather, Archie. He was ’92 and lived a healthy life right up until the end. I mention him here due to the ways in which he’s creeped in to my song writing over the years. Most prominently in the song “A Thousand Words” on my Connections album. He was a war veteran, teacher, humanist, progressive left-wing thinker and quite possibly the most intelligent and wise man I’ve ever known.

Apologies for the small picture, but this is him at the Cenotaph in Edinburgh on Armistice Day 2010. He was chosen to lay the wreath for the Humanist Society at the first time ever that they were included in the ceremony. It was a huge honour for him and he did us all proud.

I’m going to miss him a hell of a lot.

Back to stuff that I have forgotten to keep you updated with. Firstly, I went to the Pulse FM studios two weeks ago and recorded a live session and rambling interview for the Scottish Fiction Show. You can listen online to it here. Then, The Backroom gave the new album a decent review, comparing it to Green Day’s Warning album (which made me very happy).

Also, I’m able to announce that I’m doing two dates with Ben Marwood in June. This will be Tuesday 4th of June at Cerberus in Dundee (with Davey Nolan too), and Wednesday 5th of June at Pivo in Edinburgh (and Mark McBabe)

Finally, tickets are starting to sell well for the RFPB show in April in Glasgow. Takes place at The Roxy171 on Great Western Road on the 11th of April. Joe McCorriston and Heather Bradshaw are on the bill, which means it is going to be brilliant. Tickets are available through wegottickets.

That’s all for now, take care.

King Tuts and other news

Quite a big news update this time, so I’ll get through it in chronological order. First up, we finally finished recording our album yesterday. That’s 12 tracks, comprising 9 full band and 3 solo renegade folk punk goodness. It’s out on 18th of March on CD and digital download, but if you want to hear it first you should head to this link.

We’re dead excited to announce that our first gig of 2013 is happening at the world famous King Tuts in Glasgow (think CBGBs in New York, or Fifth Avenue in Minneapolis) supporting the wonderful Jim Lockey and the Solumn Sun. This is on the 17th of February and we have cheaper-than-ticket-master-with-no-extra-fees tickets on sale here.

As a Glasgow band, playing King Tuts is an honour for us and one we feel that we’ve worked hard for the last 5 years trying to obtain. We all really hope to see a lot of you down there to celebrate with us, it’s going to be a night we’ll remember for a long time. I’ve seen so many amazing bands on that stage (Frank Turner, My Chemical Romance, Carter USM, yourcodenameis:Milo) that it’s going to feel weird playing there rather than just watching.

Then, moving in to March, were playing a wee tour of Scotland and England with the lovely Adam Boucher (Acoustic Experience) in support with us. The full dates are on our gig listing page, but briefly from the 1st of March we’ll be appearing in Greenock, Dundee, Edinburgh and Newcastle. We hope to have a couple of other cities announced this week (namely Manchester and London).

That’s all for the moment, more news to come since everything is getting exciting now.

Back home to Glasgow

It has been a long time since the band and I have played a proper gig in Glasgow. I’ve done a couple of solo gigs here and there, but the time has come to play with the band again. We did a really good and fun show in Greenock last week (and I did a run of fun solo shows before that in Dundee and Edinburgh).

So, without much further ado (as Shakespeare would say), here’s the details that I have at the moment. We’re coming back to the 13th Note on the 4th of December at 8pm. There will be two supports, one is the amazing Mark McCabe who I’ve played a lot with recently for both of our sins. The other is the equally wonderful Daniel Versus The World from Newcastle.  Last seen in Glasgow supporting Beans on Toast with me, his return has been very overdue.

As with our last Glasgow gig, we’re doing everything ourselves including tickets. This means that we’re doing the Buddy Ticket Scheme again since it worked pretty well before. Single advance tickets are £6, but if you buy one of the Buddy Tickets it’s £10 and that gets two people through the doors. There’s only 20 of those though, so best hurry. You can buy both types of tickets here:

So, in short: Tuesday 4th December, 13th Note, Glasgow, Dave Hughes & RFPB, Daniel Versus The World, Mark McCabe, £6 (or £10 for two), available here: (Click here to tweet this to your pals)

The Renegade Folk Punk Band taken by Lis Ferla

The Renegade Folk Punk Band (by Lis Ferla)

The updated RFPB sound, Friday night.

So, a wee bit of information about what the Renegade Folk Punk Band are doing on Friday. In short, we’re road-testing a lot of the new album and some older songs with new, rockier, arrangements. To bulk up the sound, we’ve got our good friend of the band (and record producer) Gareth adding acoustic guitar on some of the tracks. Gareth plays with Hearing Voices Movement and is no stranger to playing live music.

I’ll be mainly electric guitar in the RFPB for the moment. This is mainly because the album has a much more punk rock, loud, electric sound than my previous records. I’m sure at some point in the future I’ll switch back to acoustic for the band, but for the moment that’s where my heart is. There’s a couple of acoustic songs on the album, which I’ll do on acoustic live, but mostly it’s more Dropkick Murphys than Seeger Sessions. If that makes sense?

The other difference for Friday night will be our backing vocalist. Unfortunately Rachael can’t make it down to Greenock due to other commitments and so we’ve had to find a replacement. ‘Stepping up to the plate’ is my second favourite Lisa-Marie, Lisa-Marie Ferla. More commonly known on the internet as blogger Last Year’s Girl. Lisa has sung with me a couple of times, nearly always spontaneously and after Sunday’s rehearsal I’ve every confidence that she’ll pull it off nicely on Friday.

Friday night, the new RFPB sound, The Old Bank Bar, Greenock at 9pm, Free Entry.

A new old beginning

This coming week is shaping up to be pretty busy. Today has been marked in the diary as an “RFPB Work Day” for a wee while now. While I am currently sitting in my pyjamas looking at reddit, in a little moment I’m going to get dressed and head over to Producer/Crew/Guitar player extraordinaire Gareth’s house to start the day. Later, we meet the rest of the band and go to LoFi Studios in Glasgow for a rehearsal. Finally we go for a late night video and photo-shoot for the album.

Monday is then a day of rest before four nights of playing music in a row. Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are spent at Cerberus, first for the fortnightly Acoustic Night, and secondly for the gig with Joshua Caole and Mark McCabe. The next night, Thursday, is down in Edinburgh at The Forest Cafe, again with Joshua and Mark, but also with Davey Nolan joining us. Finally, I go from the East Coast all the way to the West Coast (flipping Gangsta Signs as I go) and play with the Renegade Folk Punk Band in Greenock at The Old Bank Bar.

Then on Saturday I rest before flying to Germany on Sunday.

In other news, our illustrious drummer Woody has been announced as an endorser of SilverFox Drum Sticks . In the next instalment, he’ll tell you all about what this means and why he’s currently swimming in a pool of drum sticks.

Finally, there’s been a re-jig of the website (for technically minded people, it boils down to a switch from blogger to wordpress). There will still be a few bugs here and there, so please let me know if you find anything. Or indeed, if it looks absolutely swell, please let me know too (leave a comment below, hint hint).

What did I miss?

I’m back at work now after an amazing week of playing around the North of England with Mark McCabe. He really is a wonderful performer, and it felt really silly for him to be going on before me each night, have never really felt as woefully inadequate musically as then. Thanks to everyone who came along to the gigs, and to those who ran the shows, and all the periphery people who helped us out when we got stuck and gave us places to sleep. Proper good times all around. And, an apology to people who missed me at Rebellion due to my early stage time, I’ll do my best (if I get booked next year) to get a later time slot.

Ok, back to the grind and the As You Are single release on Monday 13th August. Everything is geared up and ready to go, and so I thought I’d fill in some of the details.

  • The cheapest option is to head to iTunes or Amazon on Monday and spend 70p or so to get the A-side itself. .
  • If you want the full EP (including two B-sides), head to our Bandcamp or Corporate Records mini-page and purchase  it for £2 (including a download code to get 30% off the album when it’s available)

Using the iTunes/Amazon option also means it is ‘chart eligble’, but that’s all a bit silly at this stage (although, Despite The Blackout did reach the top 40 of Amzon Folk Albums, so who knows). That would be pretty cool if we could even place somewhere on the Amazon or itunes charts, but that’s not really a goal.

Of course you can sit back and just enjoy the video (much like 400+ people have done!).

And finally, please, if you like this track, don’t be afraid (ashamed?) to let your friends know about it. Who knows, maybe they’ll like it too. #nickelback

Hunting Sparticus

I thought that last Monday’s uber blog post would suffice for the moment, but alas, here I am again. I have two great gigs to announce for May.

First up is a support slot to the wonderful Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls. This will be the 19th of May at the Classic Grand in Glasgow. Miles is best known as the front man of The Wonderstuff (last seen in Glasgow supporting the Levellers last month). Their 90′s classic Size of a Cow is one of my favourite songs, so I’m dead excited about playing this gig. It’s going to be a full Renegade Folk Punk Band gig aswell. I’ll have cheap tickets to sell, so please email me.

Technically I’ve played with him before since he went on after me on the Unison stage at Guilfest at 2007. This will be 1000 times better because that was 2007 and this is now.

And secondly, I’ve got and booked a wee show for myself and Chris T-T in Dundee on the 29th of May at Thomsons Bar. Chris is out promoting a single called Words Fail Me, taken from his last album ‘Love is not Rescue’. He’s a good friend of mine, so I’m looking forwards to this low-key boozer gig. Free entry as well.

Full details on tickets, locations, dates, restrictions etc are all on the gigs page.

PS, something special coming to the Facebook page tomorrow.

All we have are memories, we can’t remember

I am utterly exhausted. This weekend has been worth it though, it was a pleasure to watch Beans on Toast play every night and also get to play my songs in front of people. If I were to choose a favourite gig, Glasgow would get the prize. Thanks to Tragical History Tour, Daniel Versus the World and Shambles Miller for providing extra support during the weekend.

Last night was a whole pile of fun with the band being on top-form. I know that we pulled it off since after getting off stage we were offered a support slot at a gig for Japan Tsunami Appeal with Mitchell Museum. This will be Tuesday 3rd of May at the 13th Note, and is a fiver entry.

The weekend before hand, I’m heading out around Scotland with the truly awesome Jim Lockey and the Solemn Sun. They are just fresh from a tour supporting some guy called Frank Turner and we’ll be hitting Ayr, Aberdeen and Dunfermline. Full details (maps, supports etc) are on the gigs page.

Moving on to June, I can now announce that I’m going to be once again supporting The Indelicates on Friday the 3rd of June. We’ll also be joined with the lovely Anna Madeleine on the night (and I’ll be playing with her the next night in Ayr). Again, full details are on the gigs page. This is pretty weird for me as the tickets are selling ferociously fast, so if you plan on coming along please buy in advance.

Finally, the band and I are heading down to Greenock to play at the Tall Ships Festival. We’ll be appearing on Saturday the 9th of July. I’m still waiting to hear where the stage will be located, but from what we hear it’ll be an outdoor stage on the Harbour side. I’m dead excited about this!.