Catching my breath

Finally had a few days of downtime after an exhausting and hectic weekend. Oxjam was all over the weekend, with myself and the band playing on Saturday at the 13th Note, and then myself running the Mono stage on the Sunday (featuring United Fruit and The Meatmen who you should check out).
Our set at the 13th note went well as far as I could see, everyone seemed to have a great time. By the end of the day we (and all the other bands playing that stage) had raised over £200. Massive thanks to Wudee for standing in for Puggs at such short notice!
Tuesday night continued the mayhem with our support slot for Chris T-T, who was totally and utterly brilliant. We played a slightly shifted around set to normal, and are still trying to find our stride with the new full band arrangements of a few songs.
The new song we’ve been playing called Backwards We Play is sounding immense, and hopefully there will be some footage of it on Youtube soon. The audiences seem to like it as well, which is always a bonus!
It’s a bit of downtime at the moment for the band, no gigs booked until the 28th of November at The Vale Bar. This is a headline show, so expect a longish set, and whats more we’re gonna be recording, possibly for some kind of release. So, if you want to be a part of it, mark it in your calendars now!

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