Baskets and Bibles

It occurred to me that I hadn’t written a few words about the weekend before last. I played two dates with Jim Lockey and the Solemn Sun, then had a night out in Dunfermline where I didn’t play, and then played a fun gig in Glasgow.

The Lockey tour dates got off to a quiet start in Ayr, save for Ross‘s mate and four random guys showing up. IT’s a nice wee venue, Bar Libertine, but something needs to happen to make people in Ayr a) aware of it, b) come out to it on a Friday night. They missed a trick on Friday as the Solemn Sun boys played brilliantly.

Then it was a short 3 hour drive to Aberdeen the next day for Tunnels. I really like playing at Tunnels (this would be my third time), but I don’t think we could have picked a worse day to play in Aberdeen. Not only were we competing with Twin Atlantic at The Lemon Tree, but also the Torcher Parade on the main street. Bums. Still, we had about 4 times as many folk as in Ayr through the door, didn’t lose money on the hall higher and the Lockey boys got a small amount for their petrol. I also sold more CD’s that night than any Scottish gig recently. Win.

The night in Aberdeen drew to a close with a trip to Moorings bar for drinks with some of the guys who came along, followed by a Gay Club called Cheers where the night took a sharp left turn in to the WTF category. Finished up by waking in Katie’s flat wondering where one of our party was, and should we leave him in Aberdeen as we make our way to Dunfermline. He showed up an hour later and we were on our way.

Dunfermline was a charity all dayer ran by a singer in local pub-rock band, horrifically named, Honk. We showed up around 6pm and were shown times of 8pm for Lockey and Band, and 8.45-9 for myself. As the evening went on it was apparent that this paper wasn’t scripture, and finally Lockey and his band got to play (after the guitarist from Big Country who played with his new band, and they were dire), but still no sign of my set. In the end I didn’t get to play, which pissed me off no-end, but had an ok night with new friend Gwen who was celebrating her **th birthday. Hospitality was top, so it wasn’t all a bust.

Back at work on Monday, and then down to Glasgow on the Tuesday for a Charity Gig for Tsunami Appeal. All the other bands playing were very technical, and with loop machines/synths providing sounds. While playing it felt abit like we were on the SS Lead Balloon, afterwards I had a couple folk coming up to say they enjoyed it, which made me smile and almost £200 was raised for the charity. Esperi was fucking amazing, so if nothing else I’m sorry that more of my friends missed him. Jaw dropping, seriously.

Damnit, this turned out to be a bit long. So suffice to say, our next gigs are:

  • Thursday 19th May, 2011 Classic Grand Glasgow **CHEAP TICKETS**
  • Sunday 29th May, 2011 Thomsons Bar Dundee
    • Info: Free, With Chris T-T, Map,
  • Friday 3rd June, 2011 13th Note Glasgow ** SELLING FAST!**

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