Backwards we play

Saturdays gig was an experience, some of it went to plan, some of it didn’t. Live, learn and move on. Perhaps there will be some photos of it soon so people can see the surroundings in which we played. We had my brother Dan playing mandolin for us, and I enjoyed that. He’s definitely one of the best musicians to give me the time of day.
As some folk who watch what I do will have seen, the last few gigs I’ve been playing in Glasgow have featured the full band. I’ve really enjoyed playing with them, and am looking forward to the future shows with them. However, I’ve got a bunch of new songs I want to try out on my own before bringing them to the band, and so I’m looking for some small shows that I can jump on to.
House shows preferably, but I’m not picky. And for the sake of playing new places, I’m trying to concentrate on Aberdeen, Dundee, Perth, Aberdeen or Stirling. I’m now living in Dundee, so these places are dead easy for me to get to!
If you want to help out, and by default have a good time, please get in touch,

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