Back to the grind

We’re at the end of a really fucking crazy month. In August we released the first single from the album, As You Are. It was well received and we are grateful for all the people who took interest, listened and even bought a copy. Then things went a bit quiet until the tail end of last week. I signed in to Youtube on Thursday and noticed that the view counter. which had been sitting at around 400 for the last month had jumped up to around 1000. This in itself was weird, but over the next few days we were getting more and more views and by Saturday we were approaching 3000 views. Crazy.

Oh, and we had the track play-listed last week on a Long Island drive-time radio show. Whether or not these two things are related, remains to be seen. Needless to say, we are fucking grateful to those at WRCN breakfast show for taking an interest in this little band from Scotland. East Coast US tour in 2013? Aye.

This put some wind in our sails and as a result it would appear that things are starting to speed up in Renegade Folk Punk Land. The album is still very much a work in progress, but nearing completion every day. This weekend should see me finishing my vocals and harmonicas, then it’s just the little embellishments here and there and the recording is finished. Afterwards, we’ll get it mixed, mastered, produced, sold, entered in to the charts and converted in to cold hard cash. Or something like that.

Here’s a sneak preview (leak?) of one of my favourite songs from the album:

We’re coming out of our self imposed exile to play a full band gig as well on Friday the 5th of October in Greenock at The Old Bank Bar.

I guess I could call it a wee mini-tour for myself as I’m playing the previous two days around Scotland with Joshua Caole. This means that our gig calendar for October looks like this:

  • Wednesday 3rd October – Cerberus Bar, Dundee with Joshua Caole and Mark McCabe
  • Thursday 4th October – The Forest Cafe, Edinburgh with Joshua Caole
  • Friday 5th October – The Old Bank Bar, GreenockĀ 

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