Back home to Glasgow

It has been a long time since the band and I have played a proper gig in Glasgow. I’ve done a couple of solo gigs here and there, but the time has come to play with the band again. We did a really good and fun show in Greenock last week (and I did a run of fun solo shows before that in Dundee and Edinburgh).

So, without much further ado (as Shakespeare would say), here’s the details that I have at the moment. We’re coming back to the 13th Note on the 4th of December at 8pm. There will be two supports, one is the amazing Mark McCabe who I’ve played a lot with recently for both of our sins. The other is the equally wonderful Daniel Versus The World from Newcastle.  Last seen in Glasgow supporting Beans on Toast with me, his return has been very overdue.

As with our last Glasgow gig, we’re doing everything ourselves including tickets. This means that we’re doing the Buddy Ticket Scheme again since it worked pretty well before. Single advance tickets are £6, but if you buy one of the Buddy Tickets it’s £10 and that gets two people through the doors. There’s only 20 of those though, so best hurry. You can buy both types of tickets here:

So, in short: Tuesday 4th December, 13th Note, Glasgow, Dave Hughes & RFPB, Daniel Versus The World, Mark McCabe, £6 (or £10 for two), available here: (Click here to tweet this to your pals)

The Renegade Folk Punk Band taken by Lis Ferla

The Renegade Folk Punk Band (by Lis Ferla)

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