Angel of the castle, the castle on the hill

Someone once said that if you have to spend the week at work, you might as well have as much fun as possible at the weekends and suffer for it on Monday morning. With this in mind, I can say that this weekend was exactly what I needed. On Friday I took the train from Dundee to Glasgow to meet up with Anna Madeleine at the 13th Note to begin our little Scottish Weekender.

Friday nights gig was with the utterly gloriously amazingly brilliant Indelicates. As pointed out by a few folk, many had chosen to spend the hottest day of the year in an almost full basement venue. Sweat was running down the walls, in the good way.

We had local spokenword act lirazelf compering the night, which is always a pleasure to watch. After introductions, Anna played first and was mesmerising. It was great to finally hear these songs live after listening to her EP on Spotify numerous times over the past year.

Then the band and I got up and did our usual thing. Except, due to a wee PA fault at the start of the set, we opened with a completely unplugged cover of ONSIND’s Gardez La France. That was the first weird thing, the second was the call for an ‘encore’. Or ‘Wan More Song’ as was the case on Friday. It felt pretty good, yeah it was pretty alright.

It was then time to watch The Indelicates in all their glory, and I don’t think I’ve had as big a grin over my face for a long time as I did when they were on stage. The night ended at Maggie Mays for a few drinks before a riverside walk to find a taxi.

The next day Anna and I took the train down to Ayr to play at the lovely Bar Libertine. Kudos to the opening acts in the form of Christie Connor-Vernal and Ross Gilchrist, and the small amount of people who came along. Anna played a more expansive set, complete with blow-job jokes, and I did what will probably form the tour set for August. It was a fun night.

Major thanks to Roscoe Vacant for helping Anna and I get back to Paisley, and introducing us to the sexiest sat-nav known to man.

That’s about it for the moment. Only gig on the gig listing is down in Greenock for the Tall Ships in July. I’ll be announcing all my tour dates next week hopefully, and perhaps I’ll be playing near you so we can say hi and have a beer together.

God knows I need it.

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