And we’re back

What do you mean you didn’t know that we were away? Well, yesterday was a day of Internet action to protest the U.S Congress bill known as SOPA and PIPA. While I’m not American, the SOPA and PIPA bills are a threat to freedom of speech and the internet as a whole. Therefore, to show my disapproval I had a blackout on the website yesterday. The dangerous part of the bills is the heavy handedness with ¬†which they could be enforced, which, when it comes to copyright could be very harmful for folk, and public domain, music as a whole.

Back on track, the band and I are playing our first gigs of 2012 this weekend. We’re hitting Dundee once and Greenock twice:

  • Friday – Dundee Doghouse, with Mark McCabe and otherr
  • Saturday – Legends, Greenock,
  • Sunday – Legends, Greenock

Both the Greenock gigs are going to be slightly different in that we’re going to be playing two long’ish sets each night. With out a doubt we’ll be able to play every single one of our band-catalogue songs, and have a few sing-along covers planned too. All gigs this weekend are free entry.

And yes, I like the new Springsteen single. That’s Kool-aid for you.

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