I received an email yesterday to say that the Kilmarnock Council has decided to scrap the music portion of the Cultural Diversity ralley. No real explanation was given so we’re not entirely sure what happened.

This means my next gig is 26th of June at the Manna Cafe in Newport, just across the Tay from Dundee. It’s an all acoustic affair, and sounds like it will be like the old TransEurope Cafe shows I used to do. If you are free, come along!

I can also announce that the band and I have been booked to support Gecko at the 13th Note on the 21st of July. This is going to be a hell of a lot of fun, and also our only Glasgow show for a good wee while. Four quid entry, which you can’t complain about.

Not a bad start to my life as Dr. Dave :)

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